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How many crown crates for radiant Apex?

Adding the card at the end made the reading complete. I was crying half way through reading the interpretation of the card. I found it to be deeply healing and transformational. I wish I could return a hug to you Christina.

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You embraced my chart with so much care, so much love, so much love. I thoroughly recommend Christina. Will definitely book again!

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I appreciate your work from my soul to yours. Astrology rules! Tried and true best tool for awakening and assisting the shift to the new paradigm!!

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I am a beginner astrologer and learned a lot as a client and a lot for my own readings I will be making an appointment. I met some interesting new businesswomen at the event.

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In particular, I enjoyed talking with Karen Hluchan. Karen is an author and a speaker 2 things I am aspiring to be , and a talented Spirit Medium. I have always been a believer in and fascinated by psychic phenomenon.

No wonder I felt an instant rapport with Karen. I hope to attend one of her upcoming events.

RADIANT / Seul Chance #7

Some get it from their free Crown crate. It's just a total RNG game with a very, very bad drop chance.

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Turelus Community Ambassador. It's a stupid number and even then you might not get the one you wanted. NEVER buy crates with the intention of getting anything in the Apex category, just treat them as nice rewards which you have the slimmest of changes of getting.

In the end each of us is in this alone. The survivors are those who know how to look out for themselves. Do not ever buy crates with the intention of getting something specific unless your intention is to purchase the item with gems from duplicates, which you can't do with radiant apex. Even then you need to realize you could very well end up spending a lot of money just to collect enough gems. The treasures of knowledge are the most rare, and guarded the most harshly. I did a poll on this one Check comments for more insight. Even apex drop is bad. Obviously, no radiant apex.

I am seriously interested in trying to get one radiant Apex maybe ever, just to have one.

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Edited by Darkstorne on January 22, AM. I have 3 apex radiant mounts. I usually buy 15 - 20 crates per season. I don't do it every season, just if a season is really attractive to me. Edited by myskyrim26 on January 22, AM.

As per Faunter and his empiric research the drop rate is around 0. There are tons of stories from people who spent a thousand dollars and never got one. I know one who got every radiant apex from this season after crates