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We also found that at the individual level, transgender women face major social isolation, exacerbated by fear of rejection and discomfort or insecurity in public places, producing high rates of depression and suicide, as observed in various studies 473Substance abuse is also closely related to risk behaviors for HIV infection 1A study in New York produced strong evidence that gender-based discrimination against young transgender women increased the risk of depression and sexual risk behaviors, which in turn increased the likelihood of HIV infection and other sexually transmissible infections A study in Argentina found that The study observed that factors related to the stigmatization process were associated with this phenomenon, for example, the report of having experienced discrimination in health services by health professionals or other patients, or having suffered police brutality The diverse ways of measuring stigma and discrimination in the quantitative studies may hinder the production of future metanalyses on the impact of stigma on the risk of HIV infection.

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Risponderemo alla tua domanda o ai tuoi suggerimenti. Per rivoluzionare i pilastri di venticinque anni di musica.

These are some of many approaches with help of which you can translate from SL.