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Deep Flux is filled with action, science fiction, steampunk fantasy, and romance. Product details Format Paperback pages Dimensions Rating details. Book ratings by Goodreads. Goodreads is the world's largest site for readers with over 50 million reviews. We're featuring millions of their reader ratings on our book pages to help you find your new favourite book.

Close X. I learned so much from him about dramatic structure, about growing a play from impulse to completion. Then I worked with director Rosalba Clemente still a dear collaborator on its world premiere.

I also wrote and directed the music for that show, so I was really involved on every level. It went on to production at Belvoir St. I learned that you need to respect the seed of the work, first and foremost, and let it grow like a crystal from the inside out. That structure needs to be organic to the work. How does the American theater look from your perspective? Would you still be an artist if you had to start out today?

In researching and writing You Are Dead. I might be a different kind of artist, but writing would still be core. In the impossible event that a younger me would learn something from current me—I would be bolder, quicker to give up on pleasing others, and be more patient and committed about my own practice.

I would trust that finding creative connection with others was the true key to joy and successful work, and pursue that rather than trying to fit into pre-determined slots. Above all, I would cultivate a practice that put doing the work first, last, and in the middle, no matter what—in a simple way, every day. Tell me something about your biography. Why or how did you become a theater artist? What was the impetus? How have you changed as an artist from the first time you had wanted to become one to what you are now today?

My true north is writing, and that I happen to be a playwright is an accident of my biography. I was born in the U. I wanted to live in a world of imagination so much more than in the real one. I was a dreamy child, and it was hard to live in an organized, rule-bound world. As I grew up, changing environments taught me early that what seems cast in stone in one place is different in another. I always felt on the outside—perhaps most writers do—and this tied to a visceral grasp of cultural relativity, and the impulse to bridge worlds.

I have never understood nationalism, or even belonging to sports teams, really.

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I wrote my first novel at the age of 9, and am still very drawn to writing fiction. After school, which I finished at 16, I drifted around in share houses and the like until friends joined a circus. So I got into indie performance, and then into music, through grass-roots theatre, and that became my life with training along the way for many years.

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My first serious boyfriend was a musician, and a lovely fellow who encouraged me to play music, and we traveled through Europe and Australia and played together, and with others in bands. I began a long relationship with the Balkans through that musical connection. I think we grow like rings on a tree—outward, but not radically changing shape. Would you say these are anti-war plays or neutral about the war? Do they represent a style?

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Do they represent a period of your life, from which you have moved on? As I look back, the relationship of these plays to war themes is clear. However, it was not at the time: they were written in very different circumstances. That play has a musical and poetic tone; it shows the influence of English writers I admire Churchill, Bond, Pinter and Kane. It ends with a hard-won image of beauty in the midst of betrayal, which was really all I could salvage from the bleakness of its story-line. Trojan Barbie , like You Are Dead. I read a lot of Euripides in preparation, and was struck by how much the famous characters in his plays functioned as pliable masks.

They changed a great deal from play to play—so character functions as template for certain energies or qualities. I worked on this play with Roberto and his students in , right when the Iraq war was happening. The collision of current events with this ancient play gave me a way in to re-imagine it; I was so struck by the disconnection between the way the war was being mediated and sold to us, and the likely reality on the ground, that the gap between those two experiences became central to the play.

The first version was huge and unwieldy then called The Doll Hospital. Slow Falling Bird was written from the U. It is a play that like the others, has a poetic dimension; it has a much stronger sense than the other two plays of landscape; of the dreams, fears, fantasies and longings that infuse the dry continent of Australia and play out politically.

Is there a connection or continuum from historical violence—often buried—and contemporary war? I have been busy getting established in my new city and my new job. Georgetown will provide exciting opportunities to build international bridges and connect the creative and critical work I do, but it will take me some time to figure out the best ways to do this in collaboration with my colleagues, and while managing the demands of teaching and the tenure process. I feel the need to regroup, to go inwards after such a hectic time, and spend time in the privacy of writing again.

My long-term dream is to work with committed collaborators to build work over time, and have this work tour internationally. I am now writing fiction, and returning to that brings me much joy. During your career, have you ever received a particularly insightful piece of criticism?

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When, and what did it say? In the year , a conference of African scientists, politicians and diplomats gather in Berlin to announce the new world order. The research took place in Cairo, Berlin and New York, and continues to unfold its many products in the form of a performance triptych and publications series.

Composer Nick Hallett will accompany the stunning dancers of the Bill T. Ravel: Landscape or Portrait? It shows his skill in establishing a foreground and a background while letting them blend.

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Jones reads his own one-minute stories amidst a spellbinding landscape of dance and original music composed and mixed live by collaborator Ted Coffey. A ballet inside a crime scene Inspired by the tradition of French detective stories, Mrs Hottier brings to life a scene of suspense and drama.

This ballet production is a creative effort and collaboration between New York City composer Jake Landau, live musicians and Premiere Division dancers. Buy your ticket to this show, Champagne Jerry feat. A haunting, sometimes hysterical yet sincere meditation on consciousness, Match-Play collages liminal texts from the notebooks of preeminent theater artist Richard Foreman with Ms. A contemporary fusion of culture and dance. Presenting three world premieres and a special guest choreographer collaboration.

Clap Hands is a mating call, a solo for the body that needs bodies. While conceptually a solo, the work will navigate its form through multiple bodies and objects. Each element constantly emerges from itself through a process of self-fertilization without resorting to pattern, ritual or husbandry. Fuchsia felted set pieces install the space, enacting a sort of still life and hailing the functional while demanding flamboyance.

Is intimacy still located within non-human forms? The critically acclaimed, Obie award-winning theater ensemble Half Straddle will make their Live Arts debut with the world premiere of Ghost Rings. Driven by an original song cycle, the work is inspired by elements of live band dynamics, graphic novels, and music videos and tells the story of two friends taking the ultimate leap into adulthood. Mixing deadpan magical realism with the considerations of feminist thinkers like Maggie Nelson and Michelle Tea, the resulting piece is a tender, harrowingly funny, unexpected musical experience.

Created along with a diverse group of artists, designers and scientists, and featuring an international cadre of performers, the work questions the role of presence, performer agency and collective decision-making to create emergent forms. Welcome to the Champagne Room: a magical hideaway open to the public for an exclusive, limited engagement by hip-hop sensation Champagne Jerry.

Joining him are his onstage entourage of miscreants known as the Champagne Club, a rotating cast of others including Neal Medlyn, Adam Horovitz, Kathleen Hanna, Bridget Everett, the House of Larreon, Carmine Covelli and a series of real and invented bands. Through Archive , Zaides asks: What is the potential for violence embedded in each individual body?

Created by Koen Augustijnen, Rosalba Torres Guerrero les ballets C de la B and Hildegard De Vuyst KVS in residence with 10 young dancers in Ramallah, the work unites a diverse number of dance forms ranging from the traditional dabke to modern dance, hip-hop, capoeira and circus. A lush intermission features performances by a special musical guest from Norway, drowning the theater and inviting a visit to the lobby bar.

Exploring the fine line between following the social flow and being a responsible and decisive agent, Elektra wants everyone to question, to pay attention, and to break free from the yoke of social norms and act as an engaged individual. The new work forges towards abstraction, minimalism, and restrained expressive modes while amplifying the potency of an image, as well as the human body as sculpture, emotional trigger, or political symbol. In an age when humanity, disenchanted with itself, seems to have rejected the necessity of beauty, Custodians of Beauty asks us to look again, beyond the surface, to see differently.

Where do we find beauty today and does it need our defense? The Forth Fund is supported by the Andrew W. For more information: www.

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Custodians of Beauty is supported by Jerome Foundation. Rotterdam based performance gang Wunderbaum is pulling no punches in their highly anticipated New York premiere. Kabouter Buttplug, the notorious sculpture by infamous artist Paul McCarthy. But can this defiant citizen defeat the indelible force of contemporary art? Who funded this so-called art anyway? Could her hard-earned taxes have contributed to this?

Bridge Worlds: Deep Flux

A solo creation at the intersection of theater, dance and visual art installation, Bronx Gothic gives palpable force to the charged relationship between two girls on the verge of adolescence in s outer-borough New York City--where Newports are bought in singles at the corner deli, sex saturated notes are passed in class, and Orchard Beach erupts in flame.

Created in collaboration with Peter Born, Bronx Gothic draws inspiration from Victorian-era novels and West African griot storytelling to reveal a dark and powerful tale of sexual awakening, the body in transformation and the humor, love, strangeness and even terror that accompany it. Mellon Foundation, with additional support from the National Endowment for the Arts. A performative and choreographic practice focusing on time, Folk-s, will you still love me tomorrow?

The result is a deeply rhythmic and auditory work that presents dance as a rule, a dictatorship and a flux of images that follow the form, not the content. Called " Folk-s, will you still love me tomorrow? Lives is an observance of oneself from three different points of view. Trained as a musician and singer in his native Iran, Moini is known for works that tackle themes like the fragmentation of identity, the mutability of existence, and the search for selfhood, many of which are present in Lives.

Moving from precise unison dances to an irreverent and celebratory corruption of orderliness, the work suggests modes of communication where hyper-emotional affect is not only the conceptual and choreographic core of the performance, but also the sole hope for continuing in this messed up world. The movement is inspired by simple, everyday gestures infused with speed, repetition, abstraction and theatricality.

The first-ever Harlem EatUp! In celebration of these exciting events, TimesTalks presents a special conversation that weekend with internationally renown and celebrated award-winning artist, choreographer, dancer, theater director and writer Bill T. Celebrating Harlem EatUp! Including a performance from Mr. Escher, Francis Bacon and Mark Rothko. Members of the company will deliver texts from all narratives. Jones first began his exploration of Analogy: A Trilogy through reading W.

Inspired by the novelistic creation, he wanted something to compare to the character Ambros Adelwarth from the individuals around Jones himself. He began an oral history with Dora Amelan. He began a conversation with his nephew, Lance, a young African-American man in the middle of his life with an uncertain future. All three stories, while wildly different ruminate on the nature of service, duty and the question of what is a life well lived.

Composer Nick Hallett is creating original music informed by the text as well as a soundscape that combines German Romantic Lieder, songs from both world wars, the 50s and 60s classic pop music and the club music from the 80s and 90s. Hallett, pianist Emily Manzo and the ensemble will perform the music live.

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In the world premiere of Prize, which features an original score, Sperber investigates the delicate line between certainty and An intimate conversational platform founded on the belief that cultural institutions can and should be a catalyst for societal transformation by participating in a world of ideas, Open Spectrum provides a space for community dialogue on the most vital issues Driven by an original song cycle, the work is inspired by elements of live band dynamics, graphic novels, and music videos and While conceptually a solo, the Live Arts provides the Live Feed artists space and support in various forms, Constructing a fluent language of movement Schooled in the traditional sounds of the Gnawa people in his native Marrakesh, since moving to the US his music has absorbed elements from a In this master class, choreographer, performer and theorist Adham Hafez will be performing with the attendees strategies of performative communication, mutual A collection of infamous and acclaimed shorts spanning the MENA region.

What emerges is an ancient symbol bearing new meaning, questioning our fundamental attachment to symbols and their ability to transgress meanings over In the year , Creative Tensions is a physically activated collective conversation in which participants declare where they stand Combining experimental film technique with narrative structures that question collective memory in the face of ongoing challenges to future-focused ideals, these filmmakers continue to generate powerful visions for the future of New York City Premiere HaRaKa Platform Various Four female performers bring their solo works to NYC for the first time reflecting current realities within the complexity and personalization of political forces on their bodies and craft, and the difficulty of making work in the region.

Through movement, comedy, and extraordinary Commissioned by HaRaKa, Created along with a diverse group These episodes chronicle her early life in Belgium, her Joining him are his onstage entourage of miscreants known as the Champagne Club, a rotating cast of others including Neal Medlyn, Adam Jones returns to his roots in the avant-garde with a program that revives and reconsiders the challenging, groundbreaking works that launched Jones and the late Arnie Zane, his partner Known for his immersive experiments in varied cultural forms, Augustijnen has been working closely with les ballets C de la B since , initially as a dancer in performances staged by Alain Platel, Hans New York Live Arts Studio A multi-faceted conversation reflecting the worldwide journey of discovery of two widely respected spiritual leaders two years after the release of their ground-breaking book Sons of Abraham, and the many issues and socio-political circumstances that both divide Jews and Muslims and bring them closer together.

Egyptian satirist, columnist, cardiac surgeon and host of Al-Bernameg The Program , a satirical news program from to inspired by Jon Stewart and The Daily It sparks questions The piece exposes the cellular desire for With music by Christian Frederickson and lighting design by Joe Levasseur, Custodians of Beauty asks us to look again, This work started as a solo, became three trios and is now a sextet with a yearlong collaboration This vigorous Clap Hands asks This is this is an excerpt of a new and unfinished formal choreographic work, featuring Written and performed by Sarah Jones, directed by Carolyn Cantor.

Post-show talks with the artist and special guests will follow select performances: Jan 6 with Bill T. Continuing its proud partnership with Urban Word, now in its 13th year, New York Live Arts presents the latest edition of Journal to Journey, a pre-professional youth development theater program linking youth poets with professional theater artists to increase opportunities for achieving life goals, learning new skills, and collaborating creatively This ballet production is a creative effort and collaboration between New Through creative activism, cultural organizing, and producing provocative artworks, art makers are tackling tough issues despite The works in Dances by Very Young Choreographers can be humorous, dramatic, lyrical, The new work forges towards abstraction, minimalism, and restrained Their virtuosic execution and unique configuration string trio, flute, clarinet and trumpet has attracted the attention of high profile The premieres are by Molissa Fenley, whose choreography since the start This is a Kabouter Buttplug, the A solo creation at the intersection of theater, dance and visual art installation, Bronx Gothic gives palpable force to the charged relationship Jones reads his own one-minute stories amidst a spellbinding landscape of dance and original music composed and A performative and choreographic It also provides theater It also provides theater writers with the opportunity, space In celebration of these exciting events, TimesTalks presents a special conversation that weekend with internationally renown and celebrated award-winning artist, choreographer, dancer, theater All events.

With music by Christian Frederickson and lighting design by Joe Levasseur, Custodians of Beauty asks us to look again, beyond the surface, to see differently. LOVE FORTE explores the impact of two prodigious artists on their own work, and have found that when studied closely, these artists grant visceral and sensational perspective, beyond their commodified images.

June at 7pm, June 4 at 9pm. Read more. May June 1 at pm.