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Duane and Ruth built a home at Gleneden Beach on the Oregon coast in In retirement, the couple spent summers at Gleneden Beach and winters in Indialantic. Survivors include his wife, two daughters, two granddaughters, and two sisters. Beverly received a BA from Reed in chemistry.

She was a lab technician, mother, and homemaker. In , she married William H. Daughter Paula Holden notes that her mother was always very proud to be a Reed graduate. Survivors include three daughters and two grandchildren. Norman H. Esther I. In , she married James M.

Survivors include her children and five grandchildren. James died in She moved to Alaska to study wildlife and became involved in the commercial fishing industry. She owned and operated her own fishing vessel, and lived in Kodiak for 25 years before moving to Boise for her daughters' education; the family continued to fish in Alaska during summers. Survivors include two daughters, her parents, a brother, and two sisters.

Estelle was born in Ontario, Canada, and attended Canadian schools through high school. In , she married Harold Singleton. She developed and supervised nursing programs at Lane Community College and Southern Colorado State College, and was named professional nurse of the year by the Colorado Nurses' Association in She also served with Project Hope in Tunisia, and was a consultant for nursing education with the Peace Corps; she retired in Survivors include her daughter and son, Kenneth Singleton '73; three grandchildren; and a sister.

He taught for 12 years at Clark College in Vancouver, Washington, where he served as chair of the fine arts and graphic communications division. Dick had a son and daughter. During her adult life, she taught nursery school for 20 years in Redwood City, and devoted more than 40 years to the study of Zen Buddhism.

She married John Spencer in and moved to Menlo Park in , where she raised her daughter and son. She received a master's degree in early childhood education from Stanford University in Her travels took her to Nepal, Afghanistan, and Peru, and in the U. West, she enjoyed backpacking in the Cascade Mountains, boating on the Metolius River, and swimming in the Pacific. She also wrote poetry; did painting, drawing, potting, and sculpting; and took pleasure is sewing a family of dolls. Survivors include her daughter, Sarah Forsblad, who provided the details for this memorial.

Patricia earned a BA from Reed in political science and a master's degree from the University of Washington in library science. She lived in Colorado Springs, Colorado, where she was employed as a holistic health practitioner. She had one son. Helen was 16 when she entered Reed, and earned a degree in art.

She taught art and did drafting work for the Kaiser shipyard in Vancouver, Washington, during the war. After the war, she worked for the American Red Cross in Japan. For the next 14 years, she taught English to immigrants in Oakland, California, and in Portland. She also taught at Mt. Hood Community College and at Linfield College.

She had a natural instinct for language and teaching, to which her students responded with joy and enthusiasm. From a public obituary, we learned that Helen cared deeply about civil rights and international justice and attended peace marches and vigils in her 80s. In her 90s, she studied Spanish at Portland Community College. By intellectual, I mean, thinking of things and studying things, and thinking of opinions and having to support my opinions.

Those are important things from Reed. Schley, which began in , ended tragically with his early death in A second brother, Phillip R. Lucy lived to be 95, and was loved and treasured for her kindness, humor, and creativity. Following her father's untimely death when she was three, she moved with her family from Hood River, Oregon, to northwest Portland, where her mother assumed management of the Failing family household. The household then was comprised of Lucy and her sisters, including Ann W.

As a mother in , Marian completed a BS in nursing at St. Vincent Hospital in Portland, which, she said, partially realized her original dream. She also was an instructor in psychiatric and medical-surgical nursing at Clark College for over a decade. Marian's son died in ; survivors include three grandchildren. Nancy T. Nancy was the daughter of Swedish immigrants who settled in Portland. She earned a BA from Reed in sociology, then worked for the U. Department of Agriculture as a stenographer and migratory labor social worker.

She was commissioned in the U. Naval Reserve in , where she served as personnel officer for the supervisor of shipbuilding in Portland. She married John Simmons, a Royal Navy supply officer, in ; the couple lived in London after the war and returned to the U. Nancy earned a teacher's certificate from Northern Idaho Junior College and taught history, social studies, and special education at junior high schools in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, and Tacoma, Washington, before retiring in In retirement, she traveled with John, and was a community volunteer for organizations such as St.

She enjoyed reading, and playing golf and bridge. In , she and John moved to Wenatchee to be closer to family. Survivors include her husband, three daughters, four grandchildren, and a great-granddaughter. Barbara attended Reed for two years, and earned a BA from Stanford in social sciences. In , she married Sidney Mayer Jr.

In , she married Herbert M. Schwab, who became first chief judge of the Oregon Court of Appeals; they had a daughter. Barbara reported that life with her family was a happy and rewarding one. She was a wonderful cook, who created legendary pies, and she enjoyed gardening and creating a beautiful home. Although she was gifted as a painter and sculptor, she passed up opportunities for serious study in favor of family obligations. She was also adept at languages and had a wonderful sense of humor.

As a member of the Portland Symphony board, Barbara was instrumental in starting the Young Audiences program. Barbara worked for a year at Reed in alumni relations and event planning, and kept an active connection to the college and its alumni. Barbara's brother, Jason A. What a privilege to have been exposed to those brilliant, gentle, caring, constantly nudging people who comprised the Reed faculty at that time!

Herbert died in Mary Jane began her undergraduate studies at Reed. In , she moved to Washington, D. In , she married Harold Sills; they lived in Oakland, California, and enjoyed traveling and visiting their four grandchildren. One of his lasting memories of Reed was practicing on the pipe organ in the Eliot Hall chapel. Following graduation, he attended the California Institute of Technology as a student and instructor in analytical chemistry.

After the U. There he met coworker Dorian Heintz; they married in , and were employed at the Metallurgical Laboratory in Evanston. Louis was assigned the task of producing 50 curies of barium-lanthanum To meet this spectacular challenge and to overtake German and Russian military efforts, technology had to be invented and employed to construct the laboratory, the handling equipment, and also the reactor, which became known as the Stang reactor.

Robert Oppenheimer gave him exactly days to accomplish this. A wager of one nickel was placed by Oppenheimer's team that this couldn't be done. That nickel was to become Louis and Dorian's most prized possession. They retired in Florida. Louis and Dorian were humble and devout individuals, as well as gifted musicians, who possessed a great sense of adventure.

Louis was founder and editor of the journal of the American Nuclear Society, Nuclear Applications, and was a recipient of the American Nuclear Society's distinguished service award. Survivors include three sons and six grandchildren. Dorian also died in Marcia spent a year at Reed, before she married Jack W. Weinsoft, a wholesale merchant of small household appliances, in She was secretary to physics professor A. Knowlton [—48], in his capacity as director of premeteorology training at Reed in — Following her husband's death in , she returned to Reed and audited classes.

Survivors include two sons; her daughter died in Jean earned a BA at Reed in psychology and sociology during an era at the college that welcomed returning veterans—both new and former students. Jean said that their presence completely altered campus atmosphere. Jean taught social studies, history, and psychology in Portland high schools for 30 years. Survivors include two sons and three grandchildren. Charles died in She was self-employed as a psychotherapist working with families.

Eva was married to Gerald Silver, who died in They had a son, two daughters, and four grandchildren. Mary earned a BA from Reed in general literature. She was married to Milo L. Savela for 25 years; they had one son. In , she completed a BA in environmental science and urban planning at the University of Washington. Two years later, she earned an MA in public administration from Seattle University and entered a career as an urban planner for the city of Renton.

The Great Big Book of Finley by Mike Finley | Kraken Press - Issuu

Lorna studied at Reed for a year and a half, and married R. Wayne Shute in Yet with all her well-known gifts, she was humble and unassuming, and spent her time serving her family and anyone she saw in need. Lois was an individual of great personal strength: a teacher, weaver, knitter, and musician. She earned a BA in social studies education from Stanford University, and married Paul Helton; they had a daughter and three sons and later divorced.

She worked for the school district for 20 years, and in her position as district administrator she met nuclear physicist Bernard Spinrad. They married in and moved to Ames, Iowa, where Bernard headed the nuclear physics department at Iowa State University. Lois and Bernard retired to Seattle. Lois is remembered as a loving, disciplined, and adventurous person, who appreciated beauty in the arts and also in nature. Survivors include a daughter and three sons and her sister. Bernard died in George J. George was born in Homestead, Pennsylvania, one of eight children, whose father was a Byzantine-rite Catholic priest.

He remained a Pittsburgh Steelers fan throughout his life. In , he completed an AB in agriculture, history, and political science at Rutgers. Navy and was second in command of a landing ship tank that arrived at Normandy on D-Day and was torpedoed by a German submarine. George survived the blast, along with only a few others, and he was awarded the Purple Heart. In retirement, he earned a master's degree from Reed.

He loved the intellectual atmosphere and the nontraditional approach to education. George and his wife, Hope, enjoyed 67 years of marriage. Her death in left George with a broken heart. Jean was married to former Reed president Richard H. Sullivan [—67]. In notifying the college of Jean's death, her daughter, Barbara Whitson, wrote that Jean had fond memories of her years at Reed and asked that her family convey her gratitude to the Reed community for the warmth and friendship shown to her.

Jean was a loving and dedicated wife and mother, who enjoyed gardening and travel. Survivors include two daughters, a son, 10 grandchildren, and 8 great-grandchildren. Mark was the son of architect Rudolf M. Schindler and musician Pauline Gibling Schindler. His father emigrated from Austria, worked with Frank Lloyd Wright, and is identified today with the Schindler House in Los Angeles, which he built for his family. The house is internationally recognized as the prototype of the California patio house and is on the U.

National Register of Historic Places due to the efforts of Mark and his family.

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Mark transferred to Reed from Black Mountain College. He was a physicist and a consultant in electronic design, and he contributed to U. He also manufactured sound equipment. Mark and Mary DuPont married and had two sons and a daughter; they later divorced. Survivors include a son and daughter and three grandchildren. He believed in human rights, a healthy planet, and an exciting universe.

The Reed legacy they shared would later include her husband, Joe L. As for what stands out the most while attending Reed, it is starting to go with Joe in April Joe was a graduate student at the University of Chicago, and Mary worked in the Chicago Historical Society library until her sons were born. She remained a full-time mother until , when she became editorial director at the National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago. In , she and Joe moved to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where Mary was editor and librarian with a variety of titles in the Survey Research Laboratory; she retired in Joe retired the following year, and they moved back to the Pacific Northwest and settled in Corvallis.

Both took up golf; they played at the Corvallis Country Club and at courses they encountered during their travels throughout the West. Survivors include Joe, Donald, and Alan. Thayron A. Born and raised in Longview, Washington, Sandy became, at the age of 12, the youngest licensed ham radio operator in the U. He won a scholarship from his high school to attend Reed.

Sandy had a lifelong interest in bicycling. His cycle shop in Toronto, now operated by one of his sons, remains integral to the Toronto cycling community. Sandy introduced his wife, Stella Meades, to cycling and they made several trips in France and Spain; he completed the Paris-Brest-Paris bicycle ride in 90 hours.


Sandy was a master craftsman and woodworker and an inventor and tinkerer. In retirement he designed and built a freestanding workshop, where he crafted model ships, toys, furniture, and other projects. Sandy and Stella designed and built a craftsman-style home and garden.

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His first wife, Geraldine Davis, and a daughter predeceased him. Debbie earned a BA in English from Duke, graduating with honors. They moved to Oregon, where Debbie worked in public relations for Gary White Advertising and Rick began his law practice. They purchased a farm in Molalla, restored and renovated the farmhouse on the property, and raised American Saddlebred horses, Suffolk sheep, and Scottish Highland cattle. After leaving Reed in , she worked part time for Marylhurst University. Debbie is remembered as an intelligent and determined individual, full of fun, and engaged fully in life.

Survivors include her husband, two sons, three grandchildren, mother, brother, and many friends and admirers. He then returned to Cornell, where he completed a PhD and taught economics and statistics. He also taught at Princeton and Stanford before joining the economics faculty at the University of Oregon.

How The Economic Machine Works by Ray Dalio

During travels in the U. He also helped found the Pearl Buck Center, which provides support to individuals with developmental challenges. Paul camped, hiked, and kayaked across the U. He and Jean W. Miller were wed in and raised three sons and one daughter. John C. Siegle Sr. He worked for the DuPont Chemical Company, where he held six patents, retiring in Survivors include his wife of 34 years, Marilyn; two daughters and two sons; a stepdaughter; eight grandchildren; seven step-grandchildren; and a great grandson.

Joyce came to Reed from nearby Gresham, Oregon, and studied at the college for two years. The couple moved to Priest River in She was passionate about gardening, and did beautiful work by hand, including sewing and quilting. With her husband she enjoyed picking huckleberries, hunting for mushrooms, and stream fishing. Survivors include two daughters and a son, nine grandchildren, and 10 great-grandchildren. George S. He then enlisted in the army air corps, serving as a pilot and as a pilot instructor. After the war he enrolled at Reed and earned a BA in biology.

George was a nuclear engineer with the U. In retirement, he and his wife, Beth, traveled abroad and moved to Sun City West, where George enjoyed playing golf. Beth died in Survivors include his wife Carol, two sons, five grandchildren, and 10 great-grandchildren. She also earned a general elementary school teaching certificate and taught at the Walden Center School in — She and Thornton W. Vicky and Tony were co-owners of the Rubissow Sargent Winery.

Alta-Ruth came to Reed after studying in junior colleges in California. She earned a BA in general literature, and returned to the college in for a teaching certificate. She married Edward H. Young Jr. Alta-Ruth considered her job as a medical social worker at the Santa Clara Valley Medical Center in San Jose to be her most satisfying work experience. After retiring in , she and Edward moved to a home adjacent to Yosemite National Park.

They owned a second home in Oakhurst, near their son and his family. Life in retirement remained busy and full. Alta-Ruth said that the years at Reed taught her to treasure time. Claire earned a BA from Reed in psychology. Her brother, Newton B. She had three sons. Thomas E. Smail Jr. An Oregon native, Tom attended Reed for two years before transferring to the University of Washington. He began his legal career with a clerkship for the U. Court of Appeals in San Francisco. Later he was a trial attorney for the tax division of the Department of Justice in Washington, D. Attorney for Northern California in charge of tax litigation.

Tom was national co-chairman for the American Bar Association for Incorporations. He also enjoyed golfing. Survivors include Lee, two daughters, five grandchildren, and a brother. A son predeceased him. Barbara, known to family and close friends as Missy, served with distinction on the Reed College board of trustees for 16 years — Her careful observation, wise counsel, energy, and dedication enhanced all aspects of the board's work. Her commitment to the college's rigorous education made her a strong leader on the Academic Affairs Committee where she served as a member and as chair — Although she was not graduated from Reed, her Reed experience left a profound mark on her intellectual development.

She was an instructor and research associate at New York University —80 and an instructor at Brooklyn College — In , she began a career in investment banking, software development, and consulting. She retired in as senior vice president of Strategem, and served as a director of Activision Blizzard. Kurt taught computer science at the University of Advancing Technology in Tempe.

Survivors include his wife, Catherine; two daughters; a stepson and stepdaughters; and his mother. Roger was born in London, England, and attended Reed for two years. Within seconds, the boat rolled onto its side, tossing three overboard. Stone assisted two students out of the boat, but was trapped inside. Roger drowned in the wreckage. Roger had sailed the regatta numerous times and was an excellent navigator and accomplished seaman.

For his heroic valor, his family accepted the Gold Lifesaving Medal from the U. Coast Guard. Survivors include his wife of 18 years, Linda; a daughter and son; and his mother. Survivors include three brothers and two sisters. We could read and write long before we went to school. After Harry completed a degree in physics from Reed, the two did graduate studies at the University of Oklahoma.

Naval Ordnance Lab in Maryland. Ginny worked as a writer and editor. Ginny and Harry moved to Hawaii in ; there she did editing and writing for the entomological laboratory at the University of Hawaii, while he served on the military's science advisory group. Ginny continued to write and edit for Hawaiian scientists for 18 years. She also served as Maryland state chairman of international relations for the League of Women Voters. She published her poetry and played five versions of the recorder. Her education at Reed was the foundation for her career, she said.

Harry died of brain cancer in Ruth was born in Portland, the daughter of Swiss emigrants. Her father was a wood craftsman who made furniture; Ruth attended Reed as a day-dodger, earning a BA in sociology. She then pursued a career in social work. At the age of 72, Ruth married Jack Herman; it was her first marriage. Ruth's three stepsons survive her. With a BA in mathematics from Reed, Don moved to Klamath Falls, Oregon, where he taught mathematics, science, and music, and met music teacher Eleanor Smith; they married and moved to Seattle in Don worked as an engineering supervisor for the Boeing Company for 37 years.

He and Eleanor shared a love of music. Survivors include Eleanor, a son and daughter, four grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren. In , she earned an MA in counseling psychology from Chapman College and was a licensed marriage, family, and child therapist. As a breast cancer survivor in Eugene, Oregon, she became founder and state coordinator of the Oregon Breast Cancer Coalition and backed legislation for the Oregon Women's Health and Wellness Act of Survivors include three sons and four granddaughters.

A son predeceased her; her husband, William Smith, to whom she was married for 22 years, died in A Portland native, Tom attended Reed for two years and completed an undergraduate degree at the University of Washington. Survivors include his wife, two sons, three stepchildren, 14 grandchildren, and sister. Doyle, in John left the college after two years and worked in the wholesale grocery business. He also served in World War II. He later married Lenore Friedman. John found his calling as a real estate broker. He received the professional achievement award from the Institute of Real Estate Management and taught commercial and industrial real estate at Mt.

He traveled extensively throughout the U. In his public obituary, we read that he was a vibrant, inquisitive, and giving person—a participant in life, not a spectator.

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He was perpetually optimistic and demonstrated a willingness to take on new challenges throughout his life. Amy grew up in South Bend, Washington, immersed in the culture of her mother and her ancestors, the Chinook Indian tribe. At Chemawa, she met young people from Montana, Alaska, Arizona, Wyoming, and California; unfortunately, they were forbidden to use their native languages and there was no instruction in Indian culture.

And, maybe if you went there and you learned about the college in the city, maybe you could go there. Leonard W. Leonard was a graduate of Franklin High School in Portland. Army and then studied briefly at Reed and at the American Institute of Banking. He had a year career with Multnomah County, retiring as county treasurer in Leonard created oil, watercolor, and pastel paintings, which were shown in a number of art exhibitions.

Survivors include three children and four grandchildren. She taught biochemistry at the Temple University School of Medicine, with a research focus on the molecular mechanism of Escherichia coli transcription termination factor Rho. In , she married Charles Grubmeyer.

Her hobbies included reading, gardening, collecting glass paperweights, and attending antique auctions. Lew was instructor in English and developmental and technical writing for 36 years at Mountain View College and was highly regarded by students and fellow faculty members. Army in — Outside of teaching, Lew was a mentor for area youth, volunteering through the Trinity River Mission and other programs, in order to help individuals find success in academic and professional endeavors and to make decisions that improved their lives overall.

In addition, he enjoyed fishing and playing basketball and tennis. His unbridled optimism, kind-hearted spirit, brilliant sense of humor, calm patience, and enduring compassion made him a great teacher and a treasured friend. For 27 years, she taught language arts to children in middle schools in Canby, Oregon. She was also a member of St. Patrick Church in Canby.

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Survivors include her husband, Cleophas Wolf, whom she married in ; three sons, including Lewellyn S. Sharon and Peter had one son, Eliot; they later divorced. Sharon was known outside the courtroom for her tireless work as a volunteer for nonprofits and local festivals, for her work with a medical team in Bhutan, for hosting international students, and for organizing a charter school in Telluride. In addition, she taught conflict resolution workshops. Colleagues remember her as an unfailingly fair judge: she did not move people through the court system, but was attentive to details and committed to finding creative sentencing solutions for every defendant.

Friends remember her as compassionate, kind, and generous.

Chet Finley vs. The Machines of Fate

Her need was to be of help to others in the world. She worked as a certified medical assistant and worked for 20 years as an assistant to her brother, a physician. She was a member of the Second German Congregational Church. Survivors include her husband, a brother, and a sister. She was a homemaker and an active volunteer with Loaves and Fishes, providing meals to the elderly. Her hobbies included golf and gardening, and she was an avid cat lover. Survivors include two sons, a daughter, a sister, seven grandchildren, and one great-grandchild.

Their hobby of growing orchids eventually expanded, becoming a family business. She took an active role in propagating and cloning the plants. She was active in the Westminster Presbyterian Church and a longtime volunteer with the March of Dimes. Ethel C. After graduation with a degree in mathematics, she taught math at Reed for a brief time, and she later taught at local rural schools and in Vancouver, Washington.

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  • She married Fletcher Saucerman in Survivors include two daughters, a step-daughter, seven grandchildren, and six great-grandchildren. Memorial contributions may be made to Reed College. Albert H. Air Force Medical Corps for 30 years. In he became a brigadier general and was senior medical officer for the Secretary of Defense. His final military assignment was as surgeon of Air Defense Command. After retiring from the military in , he became head of the Department of Aerospace Medicine and Bioastronautics at the Lovelace Foundation in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where he directed the medical phase of the first astronaut selection program.

    After his retirement from Lovelace in , he worked on development of a computerized medical care system for remote medical care on Indian reservations. He was a founder of the Museum of Natural History in Albuquerque. In their later years, they settled in Melbourne.

    Lucille died in She taught for two years at Mt. Baker School until her marriage in During Albert's year career with the U. Albert was an boater and fisherman, and the couple spent many summers sailing in the San Juan Islands, Washington, and in the Inland Passage to Alaska. She married physician Ronald Neilson in and they had six children. During this time, she was a homemaker and an active volunteer with the March of Dimes in Portland. After his death in , she was forced to return to work to support her family, and she returned to work in the allergy clinic at the University of Oregon.

    The only way for Chet to save Earth—and himself—is to find the source of the conspiracy. Banding together with a haywire robot and a shape-shifting assassin, Chet sets out into a universe unlike anything he could have ever imagined. Create Widget. About PT Dilloway. Learn more about PT Dilloway. Also by This Author. Also by This Publisher. Report this book. Reason for report: — Select a reason — Book is or contains spam Book infringes copyright Same content is published elsewhere with different author for ex. Additional details:. Chet Finley vs. The Machines of Fate Free download. Chet Finley is having the worst day of his life.

    The only way for Chet to save Earth—and himself—is to find the source of the conspiracy. Banding together with a haywire robot and a shape-shifting assassin, Chet sets out into a universe unlike anything he could have ever imagined. Dilloway has been a writer for most of his life. Around that time he also placed in a local writing contest for a television station, receiving an action figure in lieu of a trophy, thus securing his love with the written word. Two of those novels are already indie published. Where You Belong is the heartwarming story of a man in search of himself and his place in the world.

    Virgin Territory is a suspenseful tale of a man who finds love from beyond the grave. When not writing, P. In order to pay the bills, he earned an accounting degree from Saginaw Valley State University in and for the past ten years has worked as a payroll accountant in Detroit. He lives in suburban Detroit, where he continues to work on new writing projects.