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She believed it helped the prisoners deal with what was about to happen to them while making her job easier. In , Mandl was arrested by the US Army and then she was hung in for her appalling actions. Other infamous female guards such as Irma Grese met the same fate. Like Maria Mandl, she earned her name through her actions.

Many prisoners though her to be attractive, but she was one of the most brutal of the female guards. Grese had a specific look to her. She carried a pistol and whip, and always wore black leather boots.

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She was in control of around 30, women and was the second-most superior guard at her camp. When Grese was put on trial by the British, her war crimes were revealed by those she had abused. They claimed Grese ordered beatings and random shootings of prisoners. Grese was said to have ordered inmates to gas chambers and to have her starved dogs attack prisoners.

Evil at Camp Star (Hair-raisers, #1)

Those who were speaking against her while she was on trial stated that they felt she took pleasure in all of the evil she was doing. Irma Grese was hung by the British in and was the youngest woman to die, aged 22, due to British law in the s. The brutality spared no one, and if it did, it was made sure that the guard being too lenient was handled.

Klara Kunig, a guard at Ravensbruck, was told by the head wardress that she was not tough enough with the prisoners and she was relieved of her position. Many of the guards were captured after the war ended. The US Army held between , females, but many were released as male guards were considered a priority.

A few female guards did face punishment and were hung for their crimes. Additionally, when the Soviets liberated an area, many of the female guards that were captured were executed at that time. There may still be female guards alive to this day. Luise Danz was a guard at several camps in Poland. She was initially sentenced to life in prison but received amnesty several years later. She was re-arrested on new charges in , but the charges were dropped.