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Several of Jordan's kids lock her in a storeroom. Jack, Ed, and Bam make their way to the Oval Cricket Ground , finding dozens of ambulances, military trucks, police cars, and skips outside filled with dead bodies. The boys explore, finding and keeping several weapons.

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They find that the entire stadium is full of diseased corpses that were stacked to be burned, as well as numerous bodies seated in the stands, but the law enforcement and medical officials were themselves killed or succumbed to the infection before they had a chance to finish the job. The boys learn not all the bodies are dead and are then pursued by adults through the stadium.

Jack accidentally shoots a propane tank with a submachine gun whilst trying to fend off an attacker, causing it to explode and setting off an avalanche of corpses. Ed is buried underneath the bodies whilst Jack and Bam are buried underneath the debris resulting from a partially collapsed section of the stadium. Bam mistakes Jack for an adult and shoots him with a shotgun.

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Jack is badly wounded but able to stand. Ed finds them, and the three boys leave, continuing their trek to Jack's house. In the street, they are ambushed by adults whom the three boys manage to kill, but Greg appears and kills Bam with a meat cleaver to the head.

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He then slashes Jack's chest open and cuts the side of Ed's face from forehead to chin. Greg is about to finish off Ed, but Greg flees when Ed mentions Liam. Ed drags a fading Jack to his home and tries to heal his friend's wounds. However, Jack is beyond repair. Ed takes Jack to his bedroom and keeps him company throughout the night with him.

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In the morning, Ed finds Jack has died from his injuries. Ed cremates his friend by burning the entire house down, and heads back to the museum under a spreading cloud of smoke and ash emanating from a large fire they'd seen earlier in South London. Soon, Ed is ambushed again by adults, only to be rescued by David and his group before they took residence at Buckingham Palace. Together, they all travel to the museum. David warns Ed that the fire is spreading northward, towards the museum, and the museum group should relocate.

At the museum, Ed manages to stitch his cheek, leaving him with a large scar. He confronts Frederique, who has escaped captivity by gnawing off her own thumb to slip out of her handcuffs. Ed defeats her and, against Jordan's advice to kill her so she won't kill someone else, manages to banish her into the streets.

Ed holds council with David and Jordan, with Ed and David deciding to move to North London away from the oncoming fire. Jordan decides to stay in the museum with his original group. Ed and David make a deal: in exchange for receiving food from the Tesco truck, on which Ed's group will ride, David's group will accompany the truck on foot, clearing the congestion and debris blocking the truck's path. Armed with additional weapons from the museum, Ed and David lead their respective kids, and attempt to cross north across the River Thames via the Lambeth Bridge , fleeing the rapidly spreading fire.

Every other kid in South London is also trying to cross the river, and they all struggle to do so due to congestion and a commotion between kids further up the bridge. A huge wave of infected adults comes up behind the kids from the south, and Ed and several other fighters including Courtney and Aleisha hang back to fend off the infected whilst Brooke and the others drive on without knowing they are leaving them behind.

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Brooke decides to split off from David's group after she sees him shoot a boy in the chest. Frederique reappears and attacks Aleisha, injuring her, resulting in Ed shooting Frederique dead with a pistol. Ed is helped by another boy named Kyle, and although the fighters initially seem to be overwhelmed, they are rescued by Jordan, Dognut and their his crew, who had been forced to abandon the museum by adults and the fire. The fighters flee, but the way back to the bridge is blocked by a horde of adults.

The kids manage to take control of a sightseeing cruise boat moored in the river. They pilot it downstream towards the Tower of London , but Matt hijacks the boat in an attempt to reach St Paul's Cathedral. He accidentally crashes the boat into the bridge, and it splits in half, causing a number of kids to drown, including Aleisha. Matt and his surviving acolytes are last seen disappearing under a bridge, standing on the top of half of the ruined boat.

Jordan, Ed, Kyle, and the survivors find lifeboats and navigate them to the river's north bank. They make their way to the Tower of London and enter it by climbing the drainpipes. Inside, they find a group of about 30 kids already inhabiting the castle.

Frustrated with the current leader, Jordan takes control, with Ed as his right-hand man. Of the original group from the bus, only Ed and Courtney remain.

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The others are either dead, missing, or still with the Tesco truck. Greg finds himself in Trafalgar Square , where he has lost his shirt. He puts on a St George T-shirt from a souvenir stand and decides to get revenge on those he holds responsible for Liam's death. It is also revealed that he intends to raise an army of adults, revealing him as the "Saint George" adult from the previous novel The Enemy. One year later, Dognut decides to leave the Tower with a group of people, including Courtney, to search for Brooke and the other kids.

A few days after this, Ed, Kyle, and Jordan witness Small Sam and the Kid arrive at the tower as shown in "The Enemy" , and are shocked to find that they look identical to the Lamb and the Goat children on the Angus Day banner. Part of the appeal of The Dead , as with Higson's other books, stems from the author's inclusion of accurate geographic details e. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article has multiple issues. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page.

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It should be expanded to provide more balanced coverage that includes real-world context. Peter offers to abort the child, but this is rejected. The men begin to consider leaving; Stephen, now seeing the mall as a kind of kingdom, opposes the plan, but teaches Francine how to operate the helicopter in case of emergency. Roger eventually succumbs to his wounds, reanimates, and is shot by Peter.

All emergency broadcast transmissions eventually cease, suggesting that civilization as they know it has completely collapsed. Their ironic salvation occurs when a gang of motorcyclists, having seen the helicopter during one of Francine's flying lessons, break into and start looting the mall, which allows hundreds of zombies inside.

Stephen forces a gun battle with the bikers and is shot in the arm; he tries to escape through an elevator shaft, but is cornered by the undead and bitten several times. As some of the bikers, shot by Peter, were consumed by the zombies, the rest retreat with their stolen goods.

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A reanimated Stephen apparently knowing enough to remember the false wall breaks through it and leads the undead to Francine and Peter. As Stephen enters their hideout, Peter kills him while Francine escapes to the roof. Peter then locks himself in a room and contemplates suicide. When zombies burst into the room, he has a change of heart and fights his way up to the roof, where he joins Francine. The two then fly away in the partially fueled helicopter to an uncertain future. Sign In Don't have an account?

Start a Wiki. Dawn of the Dead is a novel based on the George A. Romero's film Novel Info In , on the heels of The Night of the Living Dead, George Romero returned with an eye-popping sequel, Dawn of the Dead, which tore its way onto movie screens across the country and terrified an entire generation.