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Hawaii was administered as a U.

Quick History of Hawaii - That Was History

In , Congress issued an apology to the people of Hawaii for the U. Akaka of Hawaii, who is soon to retire, has repeatedly proposed to Congress the Native Hawaiian Government Reorganization Act, also known as the Akaka Bill, which would extend sovereignty to , native Hawaiians. Supporters say the bill is necessary to protect native culture and redress Hawaiians for past injustices. Opponents say the bill is unworkable and would create a racially divided state. What are your thoughts on legislation that gives native Hawaiians more control over the land, culture and resources of the islands?

Given your understanding of history, would you support or oppose a bill that grants more autonomy to native Hawaiians? Thank you for your excellent piece on the overthrow of the Hawaiian monarchy. You asked how readers feel about the Akaka Bill that aims to give autonomy to Native Hawaiians. The argument for the Akaka Bill, also held by many Native Hawaiians, is that Hawaii today is clearly a part of the USA, with a huge American military presence, and that for the United States to recognize Native Hawaiians as something like American Indians is better than nothing and may have practical advantages.

My wife and I are raising a Native Hawaiian son. My pro-Hawaiian bias will be obvious. I respect Senator Akaka and have voted for him at each opportunity. Emperors, Kings, Queens, and Presidents of 20 nations on 4 continents personally signed letters in 11 languages giving full-fledged recognition de jure to the Republic as the rightful government. Hawaii offered a Treaty of Annexation in and the U. He was visited in hospital the next day by President Dole and other leaders of the revolution, who gave him their well-wishes. But A Congressional investigation found that the troops were specifically ordered not to interfere or help either side in the revolution, did not take over any buildings or patrol the streets, stayed in barracks because they were not needed, and gave no materials or assistance to either side in the revolution.

See the page official report of the U. A press release and full report on Zogby stationery includes text of the questions along with statistical analysis and professional interpretation of the results. A historical narrative defending the legitimacy of the revolution of , the annexation of , and the statehood vote of I want to correct a huge error in your blog post.

Hawaii is home to the nation’s largest share of multiracial Americans | Pew Research Center

She did, indeed, yield her authority to avoid bloodshed but fully expected her authority to be returned after the President of the U. Stevens, has caused United States troops to be landed at Honolulu and declared that he would support the Provisional Government. Now to avoid any collision of armed forces, and perhaps the loss of life, I do this under protest and impelled by said force yield my authority until such time as the Government of the United States shall, upon facts being presented to it, undo the action of its representatives and reinstate me in the authority which I claim as the Constitutional Sovereign of the Hawaiian Islands.

As we all know, those were hollow words because justice was never enforced. To this day, there exists no formal treaty or legal document giving sovereignty of the Hawaiian Islands to the United States, and therefore, it is questionable whether Hawaii is legally even a part of the U. The basis of territorial annexation and later statehood cannot be founded upon a fraudulent foundation — that is, the notion that Queen Liliuokalani ceded Hawaii to the U. This is a story that does not get told in most schools here in the Mainland US. I only learned of it in when I was a university student.

Jan. 17, 1893 | Hawaiian Monarchy Overthrown by America-Backed Businessmen

Absolutely disgraceful. At least this article gets the word out. When people wonder why America is so hated, this can be pointed at as one example. If Hawaii was not apart of the united states then it would be a third world country on par with all the other poor south east asain nations. Native Hawaiians should be thanking us for bringing them civilization. You will never be a sovereign nation again based on your strategic position in the middle of the pacific.

If you were not taken by the U. Youbdoing be apart of China, RUssia, or Japan. I really like this article.

Pretty basic and straightforward. Yes, they tried to reform it a bit, and succeeded some, but were never opposed to a sovereign Hawaiian nation. They enjoyed the benefits of the Hawaiian Kingdom for about three generations. What the US did was wrong. The Apology Resolution acknowledged that. Since the overthrow years ago, Hawaiians have fought to regain their nation and control of their lands. In order for Hawaiians to hold onto our programs, reclaim our heritage, culture, and identity, we must be allowed to control our own destiny. Federal recognition is a step toward Native Hawaiians not just surviving but thriving in our own homeland.

Aloha to the beautiful people of Hawaii. I support any compensation that the US can offer although as in the case of Native Americans, it is weak at best. What the US and whites in general have done to native cultures is appalling. Any restitution has my support but it is never enough. I love Hawaii and the Hawaiian people.

So Aloha and Mahalo to you my friends. It is wrong to grant special rights and privileges to some Americans with less tha 1 percent native Hawaiian blood and to give the same unconditionally to future generations with a perpetually decreasing blood quantum.

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We are creating a future society divided by a magical racial tag. It is immoral and probably unconstitutional. Hawaiians were never an Indian tribe. At the time of the revolution most inhabitants of this multiracial society had no native blood. Now they seek to create a new racial naton within a nation which goes way beyond recognizing a tribe.

For you people getting your info out of a book, does it really matter which story is right? Hawaii was the homeland of Hawaiians. Did the foreigners come here due to the nice weather? No matter what the story, who is a native Hawaiian? I am considered a native, but I do not qualify for Hawaiian homestead! No, because I am not 50 percent. So why does it matter what the true story is? We are suppose to step forward and be counted. The Akaka Bill, will us mixed-race people get a piece of the rock?

You want our say, but there is nothing in it for us. Hawaii, no more! Extremes of heat, cold, and rainfall can occur at higher elevations. However, at lower elevations the state's climate is generally pleasant, with little variation year-round. Residents on all of the islands are clustered at lower elevations in the coastal areas where the weather is mild. Hawaii's economy is not energy intensive. The transportation sector accounts for more than half of all energy consumed in Hawaii.

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Hawaii has no proved crude oil reserves or production, but it does make petroleum products. Much of Hawaii's demand for petroleum products is supplied by the local refineries except for refined petroleum products, such as jet fuel and propane, which are imported from Asia, the Caribbean, South America, and Europe.

The transportation sector uses almost two-thirds of all petroleum consumed in Hawaii, and the electric power sector uses about one-fourth. Jet fuel accounts for half of all transportation fuels consumed in the state, and, because of significant demand from military installations and commercial airlines, jet fuel makes up a larger share of total petroleum consumption in Hawaii than in any other state except Alaska. The statewide ethanol blending requirement ended in Hawaii ranks fourth in the nation, behind California, Washington, and Oregon, in total EV sales, and is second in the nation, after California, in the number of EVs per capita.

Petroleum-fired power plants have supplied more than three-fourths of Hawaii's net electricity generation for most of the past two decades.

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In , petroleum fueled about two-thirds of the state's net generation, and coal fueled one-seventh. Renewable sources—mainly wind, geothermal, biomass, solar, and hydropower—supplied slightly more of the state's electricity from utility-scale generators than was generated by coal in Generation from distributed customer-sited, small-scale renewable sources, like rooftop solar panels, has increased rapidly.

The share of Hawaii's net electricity generation from both utility- and small-scale renewable sources was about one-fourth in Dependence on petroleum and isolated island grids contribute to Hawaii having the highest U. Each of Hawaii's six main islands has its own separate electricity grid, owned either by the electric power utility or by the cooperative.

The grids are not connected by undersea electric transmission cables, and each island must generate its own power. The state's heavy dependence on imported petroleum and isolated island grids contribute to Hawaii having the highest retail electricity prices of any state in the nation. The state of Hawaii and the U. Department of Energy entered a partnership in called the Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative HCEI to help reduce the state's dependence on petroleum and optimize use of local energy sources.


Originally, the energy efficiency standards were part of the RPS, but, in , the standards were separated because of the different technologies and measurements required to assess each goal. Hawaii has substantial renewable resources throughout the island chain. Located on the island of Oahu, the solar plant has a generating capacity of about 28 megawatts. Significant wind resources are found both onshore and offshore in Hawaii. Other utility-scale wind generation projects are in advanced development, including a megawatt wind project on Oahu.

Bureau of Ocean Energy Management has sought additional nominations from companies interested in offshore commercial wind energy leases. Biomass, mainly agricultural wastes such as bagasse from sugarcane, has long been used in rural Hawaii to generate heat and electricity. With the closure of many sugar plantations, that source of biomass has declined.