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I read this book long after I started to analyse this film in my 3-day Advanced Development Workshops and in Screenwriting Unchained , so it was fascinating to see the difference between how one can analyse a story from the finished film and the actual development process of the screenplay, documented by the writer himself.

5 Writing Lessons from Groundhog Day

May 23, Ken rated it liked it. I love the movie, so the book was of real interest to me.

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I enjoyed reading about the development process, and the author provides some interesting insights into his script. It gets a bit long winded toward the end, but overall an enjoyable read for anyone interested in the creative process as it applies to the film business. Jan 08, Seth rated it really liked it.

A great book about one of my favorite movies--and the creative process behind it. Rubin is generous to show the wandering road that took him from his original idea to the finished project, passing through a lot of unexpected places. Including the full first-draft, wildly different from the shooting script, the book is highly recommended both for fans of the movie and writers alike. A fine book about a fine script. With many insights into both the creative process, creative careers and living a creative life.

How I wrote the script for Groundhog Day in less than a week

The evolution between drafts is interesting to follow and if you like the film it will make you smile and nod often. Apr 11, Tom rated it really liked it.

I love the film, which helps. Jan 19, Ben Nesvig rated it really liked it Shelves: reads. Feb 09, Liz Miller rated it it was amazing. Just what it says on the tin. Apr 09, Tim rated it it was amazing. Great insights into the creation of one of the best movies ever made. Also a great discussion of the "rules" and philosophy incorporated in Groundhog Day. Highly recommended if you like the movie. May 13, Bert rated it really liked it Shelves: movies. A wonderful glimpse into the making of a comedy classic.

Save the Cat Analysis Series: GROUNDHOG DAY

Just as charming, engaging and funny as the end result. Marco Aslan rated it really liked it Apr 06, Sep 14, Kira Brighton added it Shelves: read-for-school. Nov 04, Farah rated it liked it.

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Being able to read the original script was great. A Randy Bozarth rated it really liked it Jan 27, Casey rated it it was amazing May 11, Matte Elsbernd rated it it was amazing Nov 17, Joe Francia rated it really liked it Dec 30, Aditya Ramani rated it really liked it Jun 22, Glenn rated it it was amazing Mar 29, Elspeth rated it it was amazing Sep 06, Elaine Mccarthy rated it it was amazing Jun 30, Lena White rated it it was amazing Sep 27, Jamie rated it liked it Jul 01, Nathan rated it really liked it Apr 04, Michael rated it it was amazing Jul 14, Igor rated it it was amazing May 03, Richard Smith rated it really liked it Sep 30, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

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Readers also enjoyed. About Danny Rubin. Danny Rubin. Books by Danny Rubin. Trivia About How to Write Grou No trivia or quizzes yet. Quotes from How to Write Grou I generally came in early and worked for a couple of hours before Bill arrived. He would then spend about an hour puttering around the office and smoking cheroots, then would eventually settle in next to me at the desk, read what I had written, and begin offering suggestions and improvements.

He was a warm and wonderful host to me during my New York visit. There was an afternoon where he and Tom Davis paired up against me and Dan Aykroyd in a spontaneous basketball game, the four of us sneakerless and slipping around in our socks. I made my bones with Bill that day when he hurled a basketball at my head and I managed to duck. Welcome back.

Is that what you were trying to do?

Groundhog Day

You know a movie is special when people describe it as "Groundhog Day" crossed with The Bill Murray rom-com classic has inspired or informed many similar time loop stories. Netflix's "See You Yesterday" is only the latest to offer a new spin on the format. After receiving an electrical shock at midnight, he relives the previous day and finds that things get worse.

The title character Lola goes on a minute dash as repeated several times, with each time depicting slight changes in the story that invoke ideas about parallel realities and moral choice. Director Duncan Jones uses the sci-fi set up as a parable for the frustration of being used as a tool and the nature of free will within each alternate reality.

We watch him die on an endless loop as he tries to learn how to win in a war against aliens, with each of his lives playing out like a video game in which he gains experience and gets closer to winning. In the end, she ends up killing him in training more times than the aliens do. The film is actually a remake of a Swedish film from When she repeats the same day of her death, she starts to reassess her relationships and unravel the mystery around her accident. And following the success of that film, the sequel, "Happy Death Day 2U," winks at that premise by having Rothe's character dying all over again