Manual Learning The Ropes: A Basic Guide to Safe and Fun BDSM Lovemaking (Version 2.0)

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Just a sweaty dance party and big vibes! Come create a party with us. In some cases, they hold sacred space. In others, they communicated a message. We have chosen the trees as our messengers, existing in between the sacred underground and the broad expanse of heaven. They are arranged within a defined, sacred space. This small grove of trees will be for the participants of Apogaea to use as a vehicle to think and reflect.

Participants are invited to bring items with which to decorate the luminaries of the central tree which will remain blank, but lit in the spirit of Temples past. If burning is possible, the luminaries of the central tree will be burned. The remaining trees with their luminaries will be gifted after the festival ends. Mirrazeebo is an interactive gathering place for the Apogaean community. It is a beautiful and comfortable space for engaging play, solemn introspection, lighthearted conversation and natural grounding.

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It will reflect, and thus be accessible to, all that Apogaea has to offer. The beautiful surroundings of nature will be reflected beautifully, pulling the participants mind and eye to the current world around them. People will be able to dance with the piece and see an abstract reflection of themselves. People will be able to create whatever colored lighting experience they desire. The piece will be constantly changing throughout the event. Entropy caged. Experience the ordered chaos of matter when you release the potential energy to start a chain reaction.

Slip into a hypnotic trance while staring into the heart of Pendula and let your mind spiral. Die in Disco battle riding atop synthetic sheep with foam weapon in hand trying to dismount the other Disco Viking warrior. The Sound Bath is a space for you to go and let meditative vibrations spiral around you.

Compassionate Communication

Upon entering the Sound Bath frequencies begin to swirl around your body. The participant controls the sound by slowly moving around in the space. Discover the healing properties of sound while washing the dubstep from your ears. The SoundPuddle is an interactive space of visual-acoustic synesthesia.

This spectrographically colorful dome illuminates sound on an immersive canopy of light. Visualize the spectral shapes of sound-space with any noise you can make. You will laugh, shout, and sing as thousands of solar powered LEDs unify your ears and eyes. This mind-expanding installation awakens when the sun goes down, and holds secrets unlocked by magic words. Join nightly jam sessions every midnight, or learn the science of sound at an afternoon workshop.

Take a stop at the first station on your spiral into disco inferno! This installation recalls the circus acts wherein a beautiful girl would be tied to a spinning wheel while a stuntman tossed knives or axes into the wheel all around her. Strap yourself in for a spin on the wheel of disco doom and contemplate the circular nature of life while your friends and admirers toss nerf battle-axes at you!

Great for couples therapy, getting over fear of spinning, and to learn how to fearlessly taunt someone who is throwing axes at you! Helmet and crotch protection provided. The psychedelic spiders are here to weave a new web for you. String Theory Dome V2. Time is the intertwining serpentine bodies of Chronos and Ananke. Movement Research Laboratory nightly Shamatha Vipassana Meditation am. You approach a radiant and beautiful circular structure with vibrantly colored walls that glow from within.

What will I find in here? The tower sits idle during the day just waiting to be powered up and start its duty. Every night at sunset there will be an official lighting party where everyone will be able to climb up the tower to enjoy the beautiful views of Apogaea and the surrounding mountains! Then at dusk our super secret good vibe generator GVG will be activated! Suddenly The Tower will spring to life starting with the base, oooooh pretty colors. Once the GVG is warmed up, the GVG will send all its positive energy up through the tower and out the very top where they will shoot out into the trees and down to the people of Apogaea.

Dubmarine will be a final resting place for the Clockwork sound system and components in which to give an outdoor place for local musicians to release their passion on the world….. Kum and get lit up. Experience 5 different kinds of home brewed beer served in a visually stimulating environment. Find us in a different location each day or night. Hours vary….

Soy, coconut, and lactose free varieties available. Cookie choices will also include vegan, sugar free, and gluten free. Camp Monkey Business presents: Banana Respublika. Come relax in the peaceful confines of our far away kingdom with a bunch of high potassium fruits and out benevolent primate dictator. The Soul Monkey Lounge will be hosting an afternoon happy hour on Saturday from 12noon to pm serving up some banana desserts with a side of Motown soul.

An old west saloon lost in deep space. A rift in time shall open on the Apogaean mountaintop. Plutonium tommy knockers, uranium spike drivers, silk road prostitutes, alien monkey rustlers, long-dead crooners and deep space truckers will be thrown together to co-mingle in the dim, flickering lanterns of the Bing Zombie Saloon.

So shiney up yer tin cup and belly up for cup after cup of our fine fermented zombie squeezins. Lay that laser pistol down and pick from the ample red light she-aliens, and dosey doe your dusty space spurs until they have worn through the hull. Boiler Maker or Schlitz anyone?? Watch out for our undies that are hanging out to dry. We just put them up!! The BZ Trailer Park offers you the lifestyle of the Apogaea Tramp that found themselves on the wrong side of the tracks.

Make a left off the paved road and come see us sometime!

Andrew Sir

Floggers and fire and rope, oh my! Come learn about the joys of properly administered bdsm, safety awareness, and the chemistry behind the pain vs pleasure aspect of bdsm. The Buddha Lounge offers an indoor and outdoor experience of music, art and meditation by providing meditation, chill, lounge downtempo grooves during the day and then we move into tribal, deep house and trance in the evening. Bacon, Bacon, Bacon! What food have you dreamed of deep frying in bacon fat?

Bring it to Campalicious where we make your bacon dreams come true in our deep fryer filled with bacon fat!. Anything that will melt must be completely wrapped in a tortilla. Stop by any morning between 9am and noon to see what other craziness ensues. You never know what we might be cooking up…! Contact improv is a dance technique in which points of physical contact provide the starting point for exploration through movement and improvisation.

Race Bannon Joins NCSF Board - The Leather Journal

Contact Camp will be offering workshops both directly and loosely related to contact improv, with a side of cuddle parties. Come visit our skilled wardrobe engineers for an innovative and creative new look, and then take a saunter down our runway. Decided on jeans and a t-shirt for the weekend?

Citation recipients from our police will be taken into custody for fashion makeovers. Careful, they have fuzzy handcuff and bootywackers! We will be accepting donation all weekend. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, prepare your hearts to shine! The Circus is in town! Open your eyes, open your minds, and experience things you never thought possible. People of extraordinary power, balance, and uniqueness will amaze and delight you. Come be entertained by our feature length show. Come back for a variety of circus arts workshops for all skill levels.

While the wardrobe transforms you, the circus will mesmerize you into becoming our next looong-term guest! Grand opening of the Colorado Annex of your favorite playa soulmate trading outlet. We provide the highest quality soulmates at the lowest possible prices. Bring a used soulmate to trade. We provide drinks, insightful interviews, and a synergistic approach to finding your soulmate!

Our Village is a place to come watch and listen to your favorite local musicians and artists do what they do best 24 hours a day. During the daylight hours come by for a walk threw at our Piratacle example of how a professional theme camp at the big burn is handled. Learn how to build hot water solar panels and pressurized running water systems. Learn how to build a luxury shower and evaporative ponds for your grey water or build a geodesic dome.

Relax in the Trampledome or come ravage our treasure chest to make some art of your own. Please come by for our daily afternoon workshops and tea times. On Wednesday, Friday and Saturday Nights, cum get your pirate meat. We are asking all to bring a side dish to contribute to the feasts while keeping warm and toasty under our huge, heated geodesic structure. Got Talent?

Bring It!!! Need some pirate booty? Enjoy our grog nightly from 9 till we run out. Then groove to our DJs rockin it from the horn dome or chill on our Disco Viking ship sipping infused water with some sort of visual distraction in front of you.. Fibonaccity will explore the mathematical properties and origins of the spiral. Multi-colored scarves will be hanging throughout the area to enhance the teleidoscopic images of the camp and dancers. We will also have information available, both written and verbal, regarding sacred geometry and solar power to encourage discussion and participation.

Primarily, we just wanna have fun! Come hang out with us for fun and drinks at Apogaea ! Amenities include: Ice bank with vodka bar, fire spinning, drape trapeze dancing, and big sound. Come take a load off on the Big Couch or other couches and get ready to dance! We will have all your favorite Colorado DJs and producers playing on the cleanest sound around town. Come play with the Fucking Unicorns and the High Flyers near center camp. Watch and learn aerial acrobatics and prop manipulation. Relax and climb on the Fucking Unicorn climbing structure. HYPgNOmic Revelers is a camp of rogue ex-gnomies, who will hypnotize, mesmerize and tantalize all brave individuals who dare to enter.

Come one, come all — Friday afternoon eat, drink and be entertained. Belly dancers, crazy beats, hypnotists and a plethora of curiosities will use their illusions to remove your delusions. Come to the movies! Bring your chairs, pillows, blankets, fuzzy coats and maybe something to share as you watch your old and new favorite cult classics with maybe a few sing-alongs thrown in. Every night, dusk till??? La Madrugada is the witching hour, the time between midnight and dawn.

Join us at our late night oasis providing a rest stop for nocturnal Apogaeans. Open from midnight until daybreak, this teahouse offers a relaxing atmosphere, downtempo ambience, nourishing sustenance and exotic entertainment. During the day, an ordained minister will be available for weddings or ceremonies expressing love toward one another under a beautifully designed and decorated arbor.

My Casa Hedron is here to feed your face. Come win original artwork and handmades by ringing our sculpture. We will be serving pancakes and omelettes from when we start until we run out. The Reservation is a Native American themed sound camp providing both music and art. Enchanting beats will invite the community. Come shake it on one of our stages. Giant dream catchers adorn the trees. After sunset the Reservation lights up with art and music all night. Watch out for the herd of electric buffalo. Sealab is the camp where the Dubmarine art car will be parked.

We will have a small sound system and bar. Our camp will be an undersea themed dance area as well as chill out area. Basically lots of safety yellow and bass music. Imagine relaxing among poofy pillows shaded from the afternoon sun, while peacefully reflecting on your experiences at Apogaea.

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Hand strummed guitar chords and tinkling chimes fill the air as scarves billow in the breeze while you float off into the imaginary place of Shangri-LaLa. Join us in our ethers, where you can experience a daily guided meditation or visit anytime for your own journey to calm your senses and center your soul. Shibari Serenity is to be a place of comfort and relaxation where all can enjoy the beauty and comfort of wearing, tying and learning about rope. Started by Samurai as a way to secure prisoners of war, shibari has evolved into a creative form of expression allowing both the artist and canvas to explore the joys of rope work.

We will offer classes and be glad to allow any and all to wear our ropes as they wish. We encourage everyone to try rope and wear it out and about as well. Our goal is to one day have all interested Apogaeans dressed or accessorized in rope. The UFO will be raised allowing for a cloth to go from the bottom of the UFO to the ground, hiding all of the frame work.

This cloth will be projected on with visuals and lights. D has not played a trick on you. The Spaced Out Lounge has landed in Colorado. We leave orbit over Southern California when ever we see the chance to meet those who love the earth and have the spirit to think outside the box. Stop by the Lounge for tea and people. Astronaught or Technician.

Everyone is welcome. We are all connected by the loops and whorls of our lives. Bring your favorite piece of clothing or fabric to create a visual representation of those spirals using a classic gear toy from your childhood. All ages welcome! Stories make up our reality. We tell our own stories; they describe how we see the world and how we see ourselves in it.

We tell ourselves stories about what we can and cannot do. We tell others stories about who we are and what we believe. Sometimes we get stuck in our stories. Other times, the stories we tell catalyze the change we want to create. Story Portal will be a place to rehearse familiar stories, re-imagine stories, and invent new stories.

Learning The Ropes: A Basic Guide to Safe and Fun BDSM Lovemaking (Version 2.0)

An open sound and video platform for multi-performer multi-media expression in a forested area near you. Join us at the universally renowned Crop Circle Cantina for some pole dancing and ice cold beverages. Bring your needles, hooks, looms, spindles, wheels, or other implements of construction. All ages, genders, and skill levels welcome. Open to ALL skill levels.

Join us for a relaxing movie night, bring your pillows and sleeping bag and get cozy. Get your stretch on and warm up those muscles for the weekend.

Get PDF Learning The Ropes: A Basic Guide to Safe and Fun BDSM Lovemaking (Version 2.0)

Please bring your own Mat or Towel if possible. We are here to inspire everyone to get crafty and take their creation home with them. Our workshop will teach anyone who attends how to make a stylish headband so participation is mandatory! We will also have fun light playful music and mimosas.

Make your own or bring your own to show off and fly, we are hoping for a nice breeze and will have a workshop space with supplies to create your handmade kite. Artist-Dank Phart the Pirate Poet. We bring the beats you bring the Rhyme. No need to sign up, just show up and step up to the mic. Kinky sex has been one of Race Bannon's passions as a practitioner, organizer, writer, educator, commentator, activist and leader since his first explorations of the leather world starting in He is on the organizing committee for Open SF, an upcoming , three-day conference focused on creating non-monogamy community inclusive of polyamorous people, BDSM aficionados, swingers, sex workers, queer non-monogamous folks, and non-monogamous families.

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