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There were no inns; and when certain substitutes for inns subsequently came into use, they were never, in any Eastern country, kept by women. On the other hand, strangers from beyond the river might have repaired to the house of a harlot without suspicion or remark.

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The Bedouins from the desert constantly do so at this day in their visits to Cairo and Bagdad. The house of such a woman was also the only one to which they, as perfect strangers, could have had access, and certainly the only one in which they could calculate on obtaining the information they required without danger from male inmates. This concurrence of analogies in the word, in the thing, and in the probability of circumstances, ought to settle the question.

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If we are concerned for the morality of Rahab, the best proof of her reformation is found in the fact of her subsequent marriage to Salmon; this implies her previous conversion to Judaism, for which indeed her discourse with the spies evinces that she was prepared. These verses illustrate the value placed upon an oath or promise by men of ancient times. Unfortunately, men of that day were more faithful to their covenants with other men than they were to those made with God. A token was agreed upon as proof of their intention to protect Rahab and her family from destruction in return for her assistance.

This thread would serve as a reminder to attacking Israel that Rahab and all within her house were to be spared from destruction. In both instances Israel passed through the water into a newness of life. In each instance the passage represented a new covenant agreement. Israel passed over the River Jordan on the first day of the Passover see Joshua ; ; compare Exodus Biblical peoples were very fond of symbolic acts to commemorate great events. It is important to remember that the Israelites did not move into a land where no one lived. On the contrary, the area known as Canaan had been inhabited for centuries.

The mention of the Amorite and Canaanite kings and their response to the miraculous crossing of the Jordan further indicates that all of the land of Canaan was laid at the feet of Israel by the Lord. They had only to physically conquer those who were already defeated mentally, but they lost the advantage the Lord gave them when they began to forsake their covenants with Him. Israel had wandered forty years in the wilderness because they were not faithful in their covenant with God. It is not surprising, then, that during that period they had failed to continue the practice of circumcision, which was the symbol of their covenant.

This event marks a major turning point for Israel. For the first time in forty years the children of Israel were on their own. The Israelites had been tenderly nursed with manna during that time, but now they were to stand forth in maturity and, from their own labor, eat the bread of the land. Considering that the manna had appeared every day but the Sabbath for forty years, or more than twelve thousand times, it truly was the end of a remarkable era.

Although there is a noticeable lack of detail in this account, what is recorded suggests a miraculous vision shown to Joshua. Most commentators assume either a mortal servant of God or an angel came to strengthen Joshua and Israel as they prepared for their first battle. Two things, however, suggest that Joshua may actually have seen Jehovah, the premortal Jesus Christ.

First, when Joshua fell down to worship him, no attempt was made to stop him. Yet the mortal servants of God are quick to prevent others from worshiping them, even when they have demonstrated great power see Acts —26 ; —18 ; Alma — But no attempt was made to prevent Joshua from falling down to worship this being. But, since this account in Deuteronomy is very scant on details, it can only be surmised that the being may have been the Lord.

The inhabitants of Jericho knew full well of the powerful destruction that Israel had directed against the kingdom of the Amorites east of Jordan. Therefore, it is no surprise that they shut up their walled city against Israel. Throughout the law of Moses, seven was used numerous times to signify the covenant.

By patterning the conquest of Jericho in sevens, the Lord taught Israel that their success lay in the covenant with Jehovah; His perfect power brought conquest, not their own. Scholars are generally agreed that the shofar was the oldest musical instrument in Israel. After being flattened by heat, the horn of a ram was forced to turn up at the ends. This shape thus created a most unusual and easily recognizable sound. In early times the horn was used to warn of approaching armies, to give the signal for attack, or to dismiss troops from the field.

This was not a mere mortal conflict: Canaan was to be destroyed by the very God of Israel. This truth was impressively taught to Israel by the presence of the ark. Great care was given to honoring every detail of the oath that had been given to Rahab. Men have argued this question for ages. Did the marching feet, the blaring trumpets, and the final shout weaken the walls in some way so that they tumbled in accordance with natural law?

Or was some other principle in operation?

(21-1) Introduction

Did the Lord simply, at a convenient point in time, level the walls by His power? Talmage discussed this question in these words:. The possibility of such would not have been received with credence before their actual accomplishment. Nevertheless, these and all other miracles are accomplished through the operation of the laws of nature, which are the laws of God.

For further discussion of the significance of this loss, see Points to Ponder in this chapter. It was a token of great remorse, true humility, and deep repentance. It also symbolized the unworthy station of man compared to deity see Genesis ; compare Job ; Lamentations Some offenses of men are of such consequence that the payment of the life of the offender is required for the expiation of the sin.

It is apparent from his voluntary confession that Achan understood this truth see Joshua — See the tables of weights and measures in Maps and Charts to better understand the value of a shekel of silver.

Preparations for the Promised Land

More than Jericho, Ai, the second city conquered after Israel crossed the Jordan, became a model for the conquests of other cities. Thank you for the words of encouragement.

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Our family will be facing some new challenges this year—and they are big ones. I am confidant that He is more than able to work them for good. Jed, God is in control!

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I know I am. I am constantly reminded that it is not by my own strength or might or grand idea. In fact, in my weakness, He is strong.

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Divine empowerment to be who you were created to be! His unmerited favor will carry you through! I hope you signed up for the 21 Days to Spiritual Breakthrough! Be encouraged! Sue Detweiler Menu Skip to content. Entering Your Promised Land I n these next few weeks of , we have a window of opportunity to enter into our promised land. You have so much potential. God has given you gifts, talents, and interests. The same God who parted the red sea is working through you and me!

Be bold! Let go of the past. Live in the Present. Lay Hold of the future. Each Believer has a promised land from God either corporately or individually. As we enter our promised land, promises from God in the Holy Scriptures , we need to ask God to lead us the way and we need to sanctify ourselves before God and then finally, we will see that God will do wonders before our eyes.


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