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Wavegarden provides an authentic surf experience that is fun, safe and accessible for all ages and abilities. Surf Snowdonia receives over I would love to see these facilities in places where there is no waves and where you can have kids who have never seen the ocean before. Jack Robinson has been blowing minds all over the world for more than a decade, especially in waves that put fear in even the most experienced surf aficionados.

So when we heard that he was in the Basque Country and keen for a session at Wavegarden, we didn't hesitate to invite him to our demo center hidden away in the Basque mountainside. While a summer flat spell has kept most surfers in Spain out of the water, Basque surfer Aritz Aranburu was fortunate enough to unleash some of his powerful trademark hacks in between countless barrels at Wavegarden's demo center. Every year Rob Machado heads to Europe to meet up with his teenage daughter, Macy. On this occasion, they dropped into our demo center in the Basque Country for a father-daughter session, trying all the different types of waves and enjoying some quality time surfing.

With the Wavegarden Cove at the core of its development, Surfland Brasil in Garopaba is a new resort concept, which has Gabriel Medina as its lead ambassador.

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What were your first steps when deciding to work on your first study back in ? The first was the desire to know the beginnings of surfing in my city, Malaga. Back in , there were no traces of it — neither on the internet nor in bookstores — which made me realise that if I wanted to know the past, I would have to investigate it myself. I went to the beach in Malaga, looked for people, interviewed pioneers, took photos, examined letters and telegrams and press clippings.

I pulled the thread, so to speak; I travelled through Spain looking for pioneers and talked to them. Then I went to the state public archives and cross-referenced information so as to try to reconstruct the beginnings. Basically, the local took me to the national, the national to the universal. Spending time with them has been the best part of the research. Many opened their houses, their personal archives, and shared their life experiences.

We spent hours looking at photos; I listened and travelled back in time to the stories they recounted as if I was living them. One of your studies that stands out in my opinion was the one published in , Towards a Theory of Surfing Expansion , which revolves around the idea of developing a theoretical framework on the history of surfing expansion using Spain as a case study. How did this concept come about? After several years of research and comparing the different models of genesis in different nuclei of Spain, Europe and the world, I saw the potential to work on a theory about the diffusion of surfing — so I prepared a page article developing the theory.

Those interested can find it in the International Journal of Sports Science. In this paper, you point out how although Spain was home to the first precursor of surfing in Europe, Ignacio Arana, the practice of wave riding did not gain momentum until almost 5 years later. What were the reasons this first contact did not stick? Ignacio Arana was the first Spanish consul in Hawaii; he arrived in Honolulu in and left in He took two surfboards back to Spain we do not know what kind, if alaia or paipo as well as the first surf book in history, published in in Honolulu, featuring early surf photography.

Uncrowded Waves + Spanish Classes!

There is no proof that he used those boards in Spain — but he might have. I was able to find out through the Hawaiian press of the time that he was an athlete and organized tennis matches on Wednesdays at Hotel Moana in Honolulu, where he also surfed. Arana died of Spanish flu in , aged 38, in Newcastle UK where he had been appointed as consul. The boards were burned during the Spanish Civil War but the book remains with his family until today.

Arana was a precursor of surfing in Europe, but now we know he was not the first, for there is evidence that in the UK people surfed years before him. Surfing did not take place in Spain during the first half of the 20 th century because nobody knew it, and those who did know about it did not think it could be practiced in Spain. In the same way, a quiver means the complete range of a certain surfboard model in all available sizes or shapes. The sides or edges of the surfboard. The thickness of the rails has a huge impact on the buoyancy of the surfboard and its manoeuvrability.

Priority for a wave given to the surfer closest to the breaking part of the wave. A strong surface current flowing from the shoreline into the sea aka rip current or rip. The curve of the surfboard from nose to tail, or from one rail to another. More rocker makes the board more manoeuvrable. Equally important are the nose and the tail rocker.

More info about rocker in surfboard design. A segment or part of a wave. A section can be fast, slow, hollow, fat, or close out. A wave usually has several sections.

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A short surfboard ranges from 5 to 7 feet, usually with a pointed nose, designed for performance surfing with radical manoeuvres. Awesome, impressive. Sick, also can be called amazing surfing conditions or a very radical and nicely performed manoeuvre. Beginner surfboard; see Foamies.

The foam of a wave or whitewater. When a surfer exits a barrel getting pushed from the back by the water splash from inside of the barrel. Water that is sprayed out from the inside of a barrel as the wave breaks. Pumped, extremely happy or excited. The Stoke is also excitement or enthusiasm. The small wood band incorporated along the board, acting as a spine. One of the main components of a surfboard, essential for the solidity of the surfboard. Basically swell refers to water masses, travelling through the ocean. The swell can come from different directions and can be differentiated into groundswell or wind swell.

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Swell influences wave height, shape and power. A three-fin surfboard design created in by Simon Anderson; the most common fin setup today allowing control and maneuverability. The technique of rolling over with a surfboard that gets a surfer through a wave without being washed to shore; see also Eskimo Roll. Being knocked off a wave and going through the washing machine. If you like this surf glossary, feel free to look at our other pages to learn more about Lanzarote and surfing and become an expert!

We are looking forward to welcoming you on our beautiful island! A-Frame A wave breaking both left and right. Aerial A trick by which you jump off the surface of the wave. Backdoor Taking a wave from behind the peak of a hollow wave and surfing through the barrel to the other side of the peak. Backside The position when surfing with your back facing the wave. Bailing Jumping off the board to avoid a wipe-out.

Barrel The hollow curling part of the wave aka the dream of every surfer. Beach Break A surf spot where the waves break over sandy bottom; more beginner friendly because of reduced risk of injury but also harder to read the waves. Bottom Turn The turn that is made at the bottom of the wave. Break The part of the swell that breaks creating surfable waves. Carve A sharp turn on the face of the wave whereby one of the rails of the board are submerged in the water. Caught Inside Being caught or stuck between the shoreline and the breaking waves.

Channel Deeper area of the ocean floor where waves tend to be smaller, making it easier to paddle out. Choppy Rough, bumpy waves due to wind conditions. Curl The top part of a wave, that breaks towards the shoulder of the wave. Cutback A cutback is a manoeuvre, where you turn the board back towards the pocket, ideally hit the curling lip and turn back into the wall.

Dawn Patrol Sunrise surfing. Deck The top part of the surfboard. Ding Damage done to your surfboard by dropping, collision etc. Drop-In To get in the right of way of a surfer who is already surfing a wave. Duck-Dive The technique of pushing a surfboard underwater before a breaking wave in order to make it out to the line-up. Eskimo Roll The technique of rolling over with a surfboard that gets a surfer through a wave without being washed to shore.

Face The surfable part of a wave, that is just about to break.

Fins Rudderlike devices attached to the bottom of a surfboard. Fish A rounded, short and wide surfboard design , that is easy to paddle and allows to surf mushy waves, while allowing maneuverability and speed ft. Flat Tiny or no waves at all. Foamies Foamies are soft beginner surfboards constructed out of foam ft.

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Glassy The smooth surface of a wave, when no wind disrupts. Goofy Foot Surfing with the right foot forward on the board. Gnarly Heavy, big and dangerous surf. Extreme conditions.

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Green Room The inside of a barrelling wave. The place to be. Groundswell Swell that travelled a long way through the ocean, created by storms offshore and usually creating powerful waves. Grom A young surfer; aka grommet. Gun A big, pointy surfboard made specifically for big wave surfing and usually designed for a specific wave i. Hang Five Riding a longboard with 5 toes off the nose of the board. Hang Loose A Hawaiian expression for an easy-going attitude; see shaka. Hang-Ten Riding a longboard with all 10 toes off the nose of the board.

Heat A competitive period held in surf contest. Hollow waves Barrels, tubes. Hybrid A surfboard design that combines the high performance of a shortboard with the width, tail, and sometimes nose of a fish. Impact Zone Impact zone is where the waves break.

Inside Anywhere between breaking waves and shoreline.