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What was it like to fish with just a dog for company beside a log shack in the mountains? After our arrival, the scenes grow disjointed and few, but distinct: our apartment on Willard Street, a few blocks up a steep hill from Golden Gate Park, where on any given afternoon, bands that I now know were the Grateful Dead, Janis Joplin and Big Brother and the Holding Company, along with many other hippie legends, made young people sway in a patchouli-, pot- and eucalyptus-scented human zoo. Fast-forward nearly five decades.

I have two children of my own, one in high school, the other in middle school. They have also seen a lot more of the world than I had at age 7. And I wanted that imagery etched into their memories the way it is in mine. We would leave Union Station on one of the last days of June, a few days after school let out, as had I.

We boarded the train on a bright, breezy Chicago day, but the weather turned and the sky bloomed a threatening purple as we pulled out of Union Station and headed south and west, into the great green sea of early summer corn. As the train rocked from side to side, we made our way through all the cars toward the rear, and the sleeper cars, narrow walkways lined with utilitarian berths with metal doors.

We checked out our new digs, the closet-size roomette that my son and father would share, and the bedroom with its pullout couch where my husband and I would just fit, with a pull-down mini-bed for our daughter. There was a comfy chair by the window, an aluminum sink, clean white towels stowed in cabinets, and a small private toilet room that doubled as a shower.

Everything was shipshape, squared-away and extremely tidy. My husband and I looked at each other. It appeared we were going to know what 19th-century rail travel felt like. On the Zephyr, long delays are not uncommon, but are mitigated by a glass-walled car with tables and soft swivel chairs from which the patient traveler may meditate on American scenery. We snagged a table as the train snaked past rain-lashed suburban Illinois backyards and embankments with tiger lilies and wild daisies, finally leaving the city behind and entering the farmlands. The green monotony of the dripping corn was interrupted here and there by a tractor dealership or the back side of a small town, where laundry flapped near backyard swing-sets and asphalt roads angled off from the track and into a verdant oblivion.

We played cards for a few hours, crossing the steaming Mississippi River in a kind of torpor. At some point, I dozed. When I opened my eyes, the vinous weeds of midsummer Iowa shrouding the tracks resembled the tropics. At sunset, we pulled into Ottumwa, Iowa, the first station stop at which we were allowed to get off the train and stretch our legs. We ate our dinner in the dining car, with a white tablecloth, cloth napkins, real plates and silverware, consuming the first of nine surprisingly good meals, cooked up in the kitchen below.

Then, as a full orange moon was rising over dark fields, we retired to our berths and tucked ourselves in. All was snug and cozy, a bit like a camper. We fell asleep to the gentle rocking of the train. Dawn cracked deep in Nebraska. The occasional dirt road led to the solitary farmhouse lined with old gnarled trees that looked as if they might have been planted as a shield against the howling prairie wind.

Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Summer of Love in San Francisco... and Cleveland

We whizzed past silos, the backs of garages, irrigation lines, the occasional horse, with hardly a human in sight. We never noticed it happening, but soon the color scheme changed from cornfields and grass to almost no grass at all, and was dotted with olive-drab sagebrush guarded by prairie dogs. At Wiggins, Colo. Somewhere along this stretch of track, our little Amtrak guide to the trip told us that we had passed Hastings, Neb. The agrarian nation beyond the window frame ended abruptly on the outskirts of Denver, where acres of scaffolding and cranes, piles of concrete culvert piping and steel beams in rows testified to the building boom in the Mile High City.

We rolled into Denver five hours late and were let out for 15 minutes. It was noon and already degrees at that clear, cloudless altitude. We strolled the open-air mall around the station, then reboarded. The new conductor was more of an impresario than the last one. After several hours of chugging along at less than 15 miles an hour, we finally sped on into Moffat Tunnel, the first vast tunnel hammered out of the mountains, emerging after 15 minutes, now high and deep in the Rockies alongside rushing mountain streams, banked with little shacks.

Sometimes people with their dogs and fishing poles waved at us. I think that Lisa Mason found a good way to describe the 'summer of love' in San Francisco with all the wonderful hopes and expectations that made thousands of kids move to the Haight Ashbury. The hunger, despair, drug use and women abuse follow shortly after.

This is mixed with the story of a young time traveler who has to find our Protagonist to be able to save his world.

It's an easy, fast read th I really liked it! It's an easy, fast read that includes some 'tech talk' that I was unable to follow but I don't think that it matters. Jun 24, Kelsey Carlile rated it it was amazing. I really enjoyed this book. When the future of our country is described almost years from now, it seems totally plausible.

I found myself asking how could someone be this creative through out the entire book. My copy of this is actually a Bantam Spectra trade paperback. The cover artist appears not to be credited. Jan 21, Scott Andrews rated it it was amazing. Jan 12, Robert Arl rated it really liked it.

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Holds up well. I avoided reading this book for a long time because something about the title put me off. I can't explain it, I just don't like it. But at first it seemed that I was wrong to judge this particular book by its cover. It starts a little slowly but soon picks up, and manages to get well past the half-way point before it goes wrong. For over half the book, the author had resisted the temptation to explain time travel, and that was great. We knew basically what Chiron was there to do, we didn't need t I avoided reading this book for a long time because something about the title put me off.

We knew basically what Chiron was there to do, we didn't need to know the technical details. In fact, I wish I didn't know the technical details because they're dumb as fuck. And the last quarter of the book gets dragged way down by this ridiculous bullshit. I wish I could give this book a higher rating, but it's not just peripheral details, the time travel bullshit becomes irrevocably entangled with the plot, and it just left me irritated and unsatisfied. Mar 28, Nicole D.

It's San Francisco You dig? Chiron is sent from to to keep an eye on Starbright, the Axis, a runaway from Shaker Heights Ohio in search of her friend Penny Lane. This book is so much fun. It's got hippies and free love, the physical and the meta-physical, science and science fiction galore.

The characters are fun, and the story is really clever It's San Francisco The characters are fun, and the story is really clever and engaging. The writing started out a bit weird for me, but the weirdness either went away or I got used to it. Unfortunately, this book is out of print, but if you do have an opportunity to read it, I recommend it.

Her chief characters almost walk off the page. And the story is as significant as anyone could wish. This book will surely be on the prize ballots. An engrossing tale spun round a very clever concept. This is a book that comes together and reveals the magic at the end. Getting there may be pointless and frustrating at times, and you may wonder what a half-decent period drama mixed with a moral scold of a time traveling teenager could work out to.

It does, though. As the characters grow into their own people, Lisa Mason 's hip, rapid fire and sharp prose will t-port you into the Summer of Love, until you're running down the streets of San Francisco with them. When the book ends, even with its q This is a book that comes together and reveals the magic at the end. When the book ends, even with its questionable and contrived plot device at the end, you'll leave as changed as the flower children in the Haight-Ashbury. What a load of nonsense. The book couldn't seem to make up it's mind if it wanted to be a Young Adult novel discussing the difficulties of escaping 60's American suburbia and year future "destiny", or an adult novel exploring the hedonistic fugue of the era.

Perhaps I needed to have been there, in California during the actual summer of love of , to get the references. I can understand why time travellers might wish to visit, but the time travelling characters in this book weren't selling What a load of nonsense. I can understand why time travellers might wish to visit, but the time travelling characters in this book weren't selling it to me.

Also, trigger warning for chapter one and chapter two.

The Summer of Love: cultural revolution or drug-addled gap year for history's jammiest generation?

I bailed out in chapter two. It was fun, and it was enlightening. I felt like I was right there with Starbright, Ruby, and. Chiron Cat's eye in Draco If you like Time travel stories this is a good one. Not a romance, but has romantic elements. Only thing I did not like was that it was written in present tense. Once I adjusted it was great.

I just Some of the characters were interesting, but some were so frustrating I started skipping over large portions of their tales. The book comes across as preachy, like it has a strong but subversive political agenda, so I put it down halfway through. Might try it again someday, but who knows. I enjoyed the atmosphere of this book much more than the two characters.

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I still never fully understood Chi's future, despite the abundant details - it just never felt "real" to me. But the stuff set in ?

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That was far easier to wrap my head around and enjoy. Ruby A. Maverick was fun to read and was who kept me int he narrative more than Starbright or Chi. I owned this book in college and my younger sister took it from me. She was a hippie at heart and really identified with this book. Later I would find it again and own it. It takes place during the summer of love. Part fictionalized history with science fiction time travel thrown in. Not the best written book in the world but enjoyable. Relentlessly tedious, filled with unsavory characters that drone on in their petty pace to the last syllable of recorded time, which is, according to this book, "those damn hippies!

Not a groovy time, read like a bad trip, I got shucked and rumbled by the man Revised and re-edited. Summer of Love Serials are on Nook and Kindle! Ask me anything! Readers also enjoyed. Science Fiction.

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