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China Meat & Fur Trade

This has information for the exporter and certifying officer. Before you apply, make sure you have the most up to date version of the certificate as certificates are sometimes updated. The most up to date version will be on this page. To help us improve GOV. It will take only 2 minutes to fill in. Skip to main content. Accept cookies. Cookie settings. Home Find an export health certificate. Export dogs China: certificate Use these forms and guidance document to export dogs to China.

Published 29 November From: Animal and Plant Health Agency. Contents What you need to do What exporters in Northern Ireland need to do Always use the latest certificate. Section B: Guidance The following documents have guidance, extra export conditions and information: Guidance notes for certificate Related content Export cats to China: certificate Export cats and dogs to Canada: certificate Travelling circus with wild animals: get a licence Export fresh red meat, products and preparations and to the EU for onward shipment: certificate Export cats to Australia: certificate Is this page useful?

Though independent , they are surprisingly loyal dogs. Just make sure you provide early socialization for a more balanced Japanese Chin. These dogs are very adaptable , able to find comfort in just about any situation or environment. These unique dogs stand apart from other dogs of China, as they have a lean muscular build and a signature white wiry coat. In the province, they had served as hunting dogs for decades. The Xiasi dog has all the qualities of an excellent hunting dog. They have an incredible nose , along with sneaky agility and impressive endurance.

Despite a strong hunting instinct, they get along well with other dogs in the pack.

Saving dogs from China’s dog meat trade

Xiasi Quans are highly intelligent dogs that want nothing more than to work for and please their owners. Dog puzzles, games and a lot of exercise are recommended for these high-energy dogs. The hunting instincts in the Xiasi is strong. Make sure you keep them on a leash at all times. But they may be a problem for other small pets you own.

Despite their names, these dogs are not solely found in the mountainous regions of Taiwan. Formosan Mountain Dogs have adapted well to the modernization of the country. This Taiwan dog is always brimming with energy. In the right environment, they will be loyal and affectionate dogs. The Formosan dog is much better off as a one-owner dog. Though they can be affectionate towards humans, they can also act aloof towards other family members. The Bone Mouth dog is not a completely unique dog breed.

In addition, the Bone Mouth differs from the Shar-Pei because the former has fewer wrinkles , a pointed tail , shorter hair and a roof-tile muzzle. According to the Chinese locals, the Bone Mouth dog is the original version of the now famous Shar-Pei. The Shar-Pei that you know today was most likely developed by the Americans.

Like with most Chinese dogs, Bone Mouth dogs are affectionate and tend to like being with people. In terms of appearance, this Chinese breed would remind you strongly of a German Shepherd because of its head-shape and athletic physique. Yet when you look at their tiny feet, you cannot help but compare them to cats. Like with feline, the Kunming also fluffs up and straighten their bushy tail as a sign of alertness.

Given their natural instincts and agility, this Chinese dog breed is perfect for police and military work. They may not be popular family pets, but this trend is gradually changing. For a large breed, this canine is surprisingly well-behaved towards family members.

They love to perform tasks for their owners and will gladly accept obedience training from a respected owner. They tend to try to assume a leadership role from day one.

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So, be careful and establish your dominance as the alpha when it comes to the Kunming. With that said, this dog can be somewhat unpredictable and should be monitored at all times. What makes the Chongqing breed stand apart from the others is its affinity towards its family. This is true despite serving as a hunter and a guardian for the home. It was when the Han Dynasty ruled China that the Chongqing reached popularity in the south-western part of the country.

How Does Chinese Culture View Dogs?

Having this deep-brown muscular canine around is indeed reassuring as it could help you protect your property. Their sharp instincts and inherent ability to remain alert make them ideal guard dogs. Expect a Chongqing to be fond of children and family members.

But when it comes to strangers this dog breed is bound to take on an aloof stance. They may not be aggressive but are wary of strangers, revealing their presence at the slightest hint.

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However, with enough socialization at an early age, these dogs can become great family dogs. It should be noted that Chongqing dogs can have completely different personalities. They take their roles in the family very seriously. So, if you make them the guard dog, they may have a completely different temperament than if they were just a companion dog. The Chinese Crested dog comes in two distinct varieties, often in the same litter.

One version comes with fur and the other does not. However, the hairless coat is a dominant trait , making them more popular than their furry counterparts. For dog lovers who regard bald as beautiful or allergic to pet-hair , the hairless Chinese Crested may be the best option. What makes the Chinese Crested truly unusual is that it is not completely hairless.

The most unusual behavior of the Chinese Crested is its love of heights no, seriously. Owners describe their Chinese Crested as sweet , loving , affectionate and playful. Like many other small dog breeds , these dogs will yap away at the slightest of sounds. This Tibetan Mastiff has stood the test of time. In earlier generations, they served Alexander the Great and in the most recent generation guards the Dalai Lama. Being as large and muscular as a leopard, a Tibetan Mastiff is of course intimidating.

But by investing in one, you will have acquired a l oyal companion that will guard and protect your home against all adversities. Observe a Tibetan Mastiff and the first thing that would strike you is its confident gait. Shift your attention a bit and its coat will strike you as unique. Furthermore, their combination of soft wool covered by a rough outer texture is captivating. Another distinctive feature is its deep chest , not to mention its deadly bite which can prove to be lethal at times. In fact, the most expensive dog ever sold was a Tibetan Mastiff.

A Tibetan Mastiff is alert at all times. For all its ferocity and seemingly unlimited stamina , it takes its time to size up the situation and plan a strategy before jumping into a fight. Independent that it is, this dog breed is most compatible with owners that believe in giving their dogs a certain degree of freedom in decision making. Due to their immensely large stature, the Tibetan should be socialized very early on.

With enough socialization training, they should be friendly with people and comfortably co-exist with other dogs in a large space. There was a time in history when this breed was the favorite of the rich and elite during the rule of the Ming Dynasty. All you need to do is spend a few hours with this dog to realize that the snobbishness is just superficial and in reality it is one of the most endearing dogs that you can hope for.

At first glance, the Shih Tzu might remind you of a flower because of the mass of hair flowing out of its head in all possible directions.

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  4. Another distinctive characteristic is its mouth wherein the upper jaw is relatively narrow as compared to the lower jaw. It looks a bit like an over-bite. This signature physical trait can be seen in many Shih Tzu mixes too! A Shih Tzu is happiest when its owners are around and does not mind living in enclosed space, like an apartment. However, it needs to be groomed daily and can display signs of discomfort when the temperature rises. This means they are suitable for pet owners who have plenty of time, like an elderly couple or a housewife with minimal domestic responsibilities.

    They make some of the best watchdogs , as they are always alert , vigilant and cautious of their surroundings. A Shih Tzu will alert you if someone gets too close to your territory. Anyone who prefers a big, hairy, strong and dignified canine would find the Chow Chow to be perfect. Although the exact origin of this breed is somewhat unknown , it does boast of an ancient legacy that can be traced as far back as the 11th century BC.

    While its bluish black tongue renders it a novelty among the canine breeds, the thick mane around its head gives the impression of a lion.

    16 Charming Chinese Dog Breeds (ALL DOGS OF CHINA)

    Additionally, the thick fur often causes people to relate them to bears. Given its size and inherent strength , a Chow Chow traditionally fulfills the role of a hunter and a sledge-puller. However, they are generally viewed as a intimidating guard dog today. This dog breed is by far the most aristocratic and also the most independent of the Chinese dog breeds. Because of this, you must start its socialization early on. Frequent grooming is also a must, particularly during summers, when the thick fur could pose a problem. The most unique quality of the Chow is their tolerance of being alone.

    Chow Chows still appreciate family time and can be as loyal and devoted as any other breed. This Chinese dog breed, the Tibetan Spaniel, is one of the oldest in the dogdom. They originated from the Himalayan regions of Tibet nearly 2, years ago! They were given this name mainly because of their close physical resemblance with certain spaniels. Tibetan Spaniels are extremely intelligent and affectionate — two of the best qualities for a companion dog.

    Owners will describe them as very cat-like , often climbing furniture as if they were actually cats. In terms of personality, they are the opposite of the Chinese Chow. A Tibetan Spaniel needs reciprocated attention and affection. They do have a tendency to use the couch for most part of the day, but since the Chinese regard them as bearers of good fortun e, no-one actually minds having them lounging around the house. Who can ever forget the adorable, four-legged creature featured in the Vodafone ad as a steady and dependable companion?

    This is exactly how this Chinese dog is best described — extrovert , playful , affectionate and quirky at times. In BC, the Pug was patronized by Buddhist monks and was a regular companion in monasteries. As a matter of fact, these dogs have quite a bit of history in ancient China. A Pug could be black or fawn, but its most distinctive feature is the pushed-in nose with plenty of blackness all over the face. It gives them the impression of wearing a black mask. Personally, my favorite thing about this dog breed is all the amazing pug jokes that has populated the internet.

    Their quirky looks and personalities make for some of the best memes. Emotionally, a pug is regarded as being one of the most stable dog breeds not just in China but in the world. Pugs are highly adaptable and comfortable in any setting as long as their family members are around. Whether in an apartment, an individual house or a farm in a rural area, a Pug will be comfortable.