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It might be more money, recognition from the boss or a paid vacation and recognition in front of their peers. But they want first to serve others. Authentic salespeople are the happiest we ever meet. Money, recognition and upward mobility in the sales organization are simply the byproducts of who these people are and how they sell every day.

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The authentic salesperson is not attached to the outcome of the sale unless there is a significant and direct benefit to their customer. They want was is best for us, first. All sales professionals are subjected to the demands of their organizational goals.

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It has to be this way because sales organizations must align in a way that they can consistently perform to keep the pipeline of prospects and customers flowing. But take a close look at the top performers in your life today and you will ultimately see that the best of us sell from the heart and soul.

There is a vast complexity to the drivers of human action. We all seek more meaning and purpose in our work and lives at home, but few of us know how to connect with it, which makes all the difference in how we perform in sales and in life. There is an invisible power that runs deep in all of us.

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  • For those of us building companies, leading teams of people, especially salespeople, we constantly seek to break through to new heights. But what holds us back most is not being connected with our highest purpose, which is the deep desire to serve others by helping them get what they want.

    'I Sold My Soul' — Mark Outing's Story

    Please Sign In and use this article's on page print button to print this article. We Value Your Business. Aug 17, , am EDT. Related Content. Even Christians are fooled by this ridiculous concept of selling your soul.

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    But it is not valid in reality. They just need to repent for their sins, accept Jesus and follow the path of righteousness. Completely impossible to sell your soul.. Its a great thought to think you can, but neither God nor the devil hear you… Living things are the masters of this universe.. Nothing else….

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    Simon on August 12, at am. But you got your soul back after turning to God?

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