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There's still time before school and early bedtimes start up again — take advantage of balmy evenings to spark an interest in astronomy. The second-brightest star after Sirius, Canopus is visible in southern skies, shining out of the constellation Carina.

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Night-shining clouds made of ice and meteor smoke are on the increase. We explore their origins and how to see them.

Meet Spica, the "ear of grain" in the constellation Virgo. This bright star is actually part of a binary orbiting so closely, they tug each other out of spherical shapes and whirl around each other every four days. With no Moon to muss, take a crack at seeing the Eta Aquariids, which could be one of the better meteor showers of the year.

There's a Hole in the Sky: and Other Questions About the Environment

Once you hold the golden keys of right ascension and declination, finding your way around the sky is almost as easy as finding your way around town. Meet Vega, the fifth-brightest star in the night sky and the most brilliant star in the constellation Lyra. Vega is in the prime of its life on the main sequence, but it's notable for its speedy spin and infrared-radiating debris disk.

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The bright star Fomalhaut, home to three suns plus a planet, peeks over the southern horizon in early autumn evenings in the Northern Hemisphere. The seventh brightest star in the sky, blue-white Rigel shines brilliantly at the left foot of Orion and is actually a trio: a supergiant orbited by a pair of Sun-like stars.

Deneb, in the constellation Cygnus, is a star that shines brilliantly despite being one of the farthest you can see with the unaided eye. Meet the stars: Pollux, one of the Twins in the sky, is a star that has swelled into its red giant phase while holding onto its Jupiter-like exoplanet, dubbed Thestias.

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The star belongs to a complex system, including a close white dwarf companion that makes its ultimate fate uncertain. July's a busy month for skywatching.

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Not only are five bright planets in view, but three comets and a newly-discovered nova are also observable. Did you know that you can make money trying products or clicking ads?

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Here in Western Australia the weather pattern has changed markedly in my opinion in recent years and especially now. MUCH less rain, warmer temps, calm days. All she did was get blessed and work up the steps uncovered on this link. Yes we had some nasty winds which blew two of out trees in our garden in Northern Tasmania over on the Monday and Tuesday and then almost on cue Wednesday 7th June, Transit of Venus Day, perfect weather with clear skies.

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