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Keep it up. Buying a pax3 was one if my best choices ever. I don't smoke joints anymore.

7 Reasons To Consider Vaporizing Weed Instead Of Smoking It

And I enjoy the taste of my weed. Discreet, personalized experiences.

What more could you want? Elevate your day. Elevate your day Thoughtfully designed vaporizers for every experience. Discover Pax. Thoughtfully designed vaporizers for every experience. PAX 3 flower. PAX 2 flower. Buy Yours.

2. It's Discreet

Learn the facts. Join the fun. Learn More. Read More.

The Beginner’s Guide to Vaping Medical Marijuana

Quotation mark Love my Pax3. Quotation mark Buying a pax3 was one if my best choices ever. Not just reserved for show-off teens making trick videos on YouTube, vaping has become more and more commonplace in recent times, and is now fast becoming the most popular method of consumption for medical marijuana card holders across the state of California.

The Vaporizer - American Weed

So, what is vaporizing? How do you do it? It should come as no surprise to you that vaporizing is done with a … vaporizer! Simply put, a vaporizer works by heating your MMJ and creating a vapor cloud, which you then inhale and exhale, like you would with a joint. A vapor cloud is created below the cannabis chamber of the vaporizer, which mixes with all the MMJ goodness above it.

When you pull on the vaporizer, you inhale this THC-laced mist cloud, sending it flying through your body to target the symptoms of your ailment. There are plenty of reasons why MMJ card holders would choose to vape over other consumption methods — especially smoking.

Unfortunately for MMJ card holders, smoking MMJ is no different to smoking anything else when it comes to exposing you to smoke-related dangers. As most medical marijuana card holders will know, the cannabinoids in the plant are the most important players when it comes to tackling the symptoms of your ailment.

Intro to Vaporization - Learn About Vaporizing Cannabis

These cannabinoids work to tackle pain and discomfort by mimicking the work of the naturally occurring endocannabinoids found in the body. A big reason that more and more medical marijuana card holders are opting to vape is that vaporizing your MMJ is delightfully discreet. Choosing which vaporizer to buy all depends on what you want out of it. Need something handy and portable? Then opt for a pen vaporizer.